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Below is information about the "Freaks Of Beauty" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:freaksofbeauty (28747)
Name:Freaks Of Beauty
Website:Owner's Blurty
About:This community for all the Freaks Of Beauty out there. It's a place where you can post pictures, artwork, poems, stories, songs, and anything else that you want.
Interests:21: black lipstick, dreadlocks, eyeliner, fashion, freaks, goth, gothic, goths, hair, hair dye, hairstyles, industrial, make up, nails, open minded people, piercings, punk, self-expression, tattoos, vanity, weirdos
Members:74: aeria, angelabsinthe, angelinbondage, avicus, banana_fairy, beforemytime, blackcoffee, black_kitten, bloodonpaper, camui_gakuto, chaotic_evil, conflictedteen, darkcreature, deceasedopfer, defeated_starr, dimsparkles, dirty_machine, disastr, emia, emotears, epsilon_zero, exoticangel, fatal_femme, firemagick, foxxy_gurl2004, fraisy, freakgirl, frugalmuse, gazingdarkness, gothic__vampire, gothzilla, haleyscomet, i_h8_myself, juuhachigou, katabulous, laughingsatyr, lilshopohorrors, metal_mayhem, meth_wonderland, miss_shady, mm, murderdolls_inc, mytornnovember, ninia, opheliaxdoll, pacjan, pixelghetto, pixelslut, pokadotlips, regi, sarahdope, saundersj, saya, scarmebeautiful, sexteen, shadowswrithe, shatterddreams, starrs, steeltoed_vixen, stormlightlilly, strangle, suicide_candy, tormented_s0ul, totalbitch666, whimsicaldreams, whyilaugh, x1hellsangel1x, xbeautifulhate, xchokingonlifex, xhellsangelx, xurliljaneyx, x_sianabelle_x, you_love_me, __corroded
Watched by:41: 3wingedangel, aeria, angelabsinthe, beforemytime, blackcoffee, bloodonpaper, camui_gakuto, darkcreature, darkprincess15, deceasedopfer, defeated_starr, dimsparkles, dirty_machine, dreamakasha, emia, emotears, exoticangel, firemagick, foxxy_gurl2004, gazingdarkness, juuhachigou, killersquirrels, laughingsatyr, lilshopohorrors, meth_wonderland, pacjan, pixelghetto, regi, rogueparker, saundersj, scarsofsuicide, shadowswrithe, shatterddreams, starrs, tormented_s0ul, whimsicaldreams, whyilaugh, x1hellsangel1x, xhellsangelx, xurliljaneyx, you_love_me
Account type:Early Adopter

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