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User:frank_alank (29963)
Name:Frankie Galasso
Website:we call it rishi
Location:Bronx, New York, United States
AOL IM:Frank a Lank xx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hey, what's up? I'm Frank Galasso. I went punk but ended up turning back pretty boy. I'm happier now that i'm a pretty boy again. I feel great in my faded jeans and tank tops. Is that bad? Naw...

I still <3 Avril Lavigne.
I still <3 Britney Spears.
But I love Libby Hodges.

Interests:20: acting, avril lavigne, belly rings, chris, dancing, david, dream street, girls, greg, italy, jesse, jump5, ladies, libby hodges, matt, movies, music, play, singing, tv
Friends:40: aj_trauth16, amit__paul, andyxx, anneliese_vdp, barely_legal, berfield_j, epstein, erin_tanner_ns, frank_alank, funkay_faye, gl0ssii, gregorysmith__, jamie_xx, jdlennevald, justin_b, katiespencerxx, la_lainexx, lea_m, lesley_c_moore, libby_h0dges, lindz_lohanx, mandybynes, marie_s, mikababii, next_topic, play_anna, raven_symone, rosiemunter_, xgrint, xkirsten_stormx, x_angel_c_x, _anais_, _angel_faith, _chris_, _greg_raposo_, _jessemccartney, _mackenzie_, _marykate_, _zachary_hanson, __lauren_c__
Friend of:116: aaron_b, ac_sugar, adamgarcia, affleckish, alexz, amit__paul, angelina_j, anthony_thebull, ashley_olsen_, augustus_prew, a_brilliaut, barely_mod, bluebabii, brandon_h, brittanyh, brittneyf, broksterbrian, cassie_steele, chrisfedun, christensen__, chris_carrabba, clay, c__brummet, dark_rose, daveboreanaz, dirty_robson, distiller_brody, donna_drummer, dubya_bush, edyta, emily__vancamp, em__vancamp, erin_tanner_ns, ernielurvesbert, felton_t, frankster, frank_alank, funkay_faye, gcxbilly, gl0ssii, hanson_z, hay_duff, hillyduff, hottieamy, ians_glory, ikehanson, james_m, jenna_jameson, jennifer_garner, jennlovehewitt, jessicafried, joyfuljenna, justin_b, justin_tosco_, j_fried, j_mayer, kaci_tha_pimp, kiki_storms, kimberly__c, ki_ki, knoxville, lauren_frost, lea_m, libby_h0dges, lindz_lohanx, little_lachey, lonneke_engel, love2day, lp_chester, lucy__woodward, mandybynes, marie_s, mattdamon, matty_boy, michealseater, missthanggxx, miss_duff, mostlymarit, mtv_gideon, notreallyjoey, oliver_james, play_anna, quinnxxxallman, rob_thomas, ryusaki, scottxxfoley, shawn_ashmore, shia_labeouf, shinoda_mike, steve_looker, stevie_x_brock, stratusfaction, sweet, s_evans, thriller_mj, urhahn, v_diesel, weinstock, wl_kian_, xgrint, xkirsten_stormx, x_angel_c_x, _anais_, _angel_faith, _ashleyolsen, _chris_, _craziichances, _emwee, _greg_raposo_, _jessemccartney, _katieholmes_, _mackenzie_, _marionraven, _marykate_, _simon, __lauren_c__
Member of:3: barely_icons, barely_legal, barely_ooc
Account type:Early Adopter

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