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Below is user information for ~ Jenny Lynn ~. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:fragilerogue (941348)  
Name:~ Jenny Lynn ~
Location:Greeley, Colorado, United States
Take the quiz:
What kind of puppy are you??

Innocent puppy
You manage to wriggle your away around people's little fingers. Or in other words, get your own way most of the time!

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The things I love:
[♥]my friends
[♥]Duct tape
[♥]ringtones/making them as well
[♥]knowing that life is worth living to the matter how much hurt is invovled.

Don't really care for:
[x]fights that aren't necessary
[x]scary movies
[x]cheating of any kind
[x]fake relationships
[x]certain people
[x]cracking knuckles
[x]loud sounds
[x]man whores...
[x]the way i snort when i laugh
[x]sad news
[x]wet jeans
[x]constant lying
[x]reality tv shows
[x]tv evangelists
[x]people who take double lane turns
[x]really, really slow people
I'm a simple girl...I like the simple things in need to impress me. I'm happy being who I am and doing what I do. I tend to make my friends laugh and we always have a great time together....the random, unplanned times are the best. A very spontaneous, energectic, and playful person I am. I care way too much about people but I can't seem to stop. I just want everyone to be happy at any cost.
Interests:50: art, avoiding certain people., babysitting, being a crazy chick, being a girlie girl, being ditsy, being goofy, broadway music/plays, cars, chasing shadows, coffee with no espresso, college junk, cuddling, driving, eating, eating mac and cheese, emails, faking happiness, falling, friends, getting myself back, god, guys, having meaningful conversations, journaling, listening to conversations, making mistakes, making people laugh, mentoring, movies, moving out, people watching, phantom of the opera, playing in the snow, playing in traffic, playing pool, running away, school, setting an example, shiny objects, shopping (sometimes), smiling, sweet home alabama!, talking, waiting for the weekend, walking, watching movies, watching the stars, work, writing poetry/short stories.
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User
Date created:2006-05-09 21:43:06
Date updated:Never.
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