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Below is user information for Strange Little Pixie. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:fragilepixie (415945)
Name:Strange Little Pixie
AOL IM:ILuvSixFeetUnder (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I love the city
I feel it's electric pulse within my bones
I love nature
I feel it's gently hum inside my heart
I dance with the skelitons in my closet
I wear wings
spontaneously color my hair pink for the day
shampoo it out the next
I am obsessed with movies,art and writing
Francesca Lia Block writes books that speak to my heart in poems
I write love poems about boys I'm afraid to love
I love until my heart breaks
I am fragile
and have been broken many times over
But I love life fiercely and am trying to live it that way....
Interests:150: 80s cartoons, 80s movies, a beautiful mind, a life less ordinary, a midsummer nights dream, absolutely fabulous, acting, aerosmith, alan ball, alanis morrisette, alfred hitchcock, all about eve, almost famous, american beauty, american history x, amélie, animal rights, animals, anne rice, art, artificial intelligence, astrology, audrey hepburn, baz lurhman, beads, ben foster, bette davis, bindi, books, bridget jones's diary, cabaret, cat ear headbands, cats, cecilia lisbon, charlies angels, chicago, classic rock, coldplay, colorful hair, comic potential, cyndi lauper, dangerous angels, david fincher, down with love, drawing, duckie, echo, edward norton, emo, empire records, everclear, ewan mcgregor, faerie wings, faeries, fight club, fiona apple, francesca lia block, fred astaire, frida, frida kahlo, garbage, ghost world, girl goddess #9, girl interrupted, glitter, gordan parks, harold and maude, helena bonham-carter, hello kitty, henna, home movies, i love the eighties, invader zim, james stewart, johnny depp, josie and the pussycats, jude law, katey kitty witch, kevin spacey, la confidential, letters to cleo, lisa loeb, love, making jewelary, manatee, mice, mod, moon, moulin rouge, movies, musicals, nature, never been kissed, ocean, old movies, painting, panic room, photography, pink, pink hair, poe, poetry, practical magic, pretty in pink, punk, queer as folk, quentin tarintino, rain, rainbow brite, red dragon, road to perdition, run lola run, sad eye dolls, salma hayek, sanrio, save ferris, sex and the city, shakespeare in love, six feet under, sleepy hollow, stargirl, stars, suza scalora, tarot cards, the nightmare before christmas, the pianist, the rolling stones, the royal tenenbaums, the salton sea, the smashing pumpkins, the virgin suicides, the white stripes, the who, thrift stores, tim burton, tinkerbell, tori amos, trainspotting, twiggy, unico, vampires, vintage sunglasses, violet and claire, weetzie bat, weezer, when harry met sally, witch baby, wonder boys, writing, you've got mail.
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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