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Below is user information for WHYSHOULDiCARE?. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:fourohfour (127069)
Interests:80: !!, "matrix: reloaded", 15, 1988, 25/08/02, 5th august, 6th march, :), :d, :p, ;x, ?!, ??, aim, alcohol, aminals, art, august, badges, being drunk, being with dave, blood red, blue hair, blue sea, blurty, books, bowling, bracelets, christina aguilera, cider, computers, dave, dead roses, england, f4af, fifteen, fuck, glitter, halo friendlies, handcuffs, harry potter, hearts, internet, jackass, kisses, kurt cobain, laughing, lightning, lollipops, loud music, love, march, mooovies, music, nightmare before christmas, nothingmorethanalineinyrbook, pain killers, rainbow drops, rainbows, razors, reading, roses, simpleness, smiling, stars, stickers, stoke, sun, swearing, swimming, taproot, tattoos, the ring, the used, thunder, triple x, underjoyed, vin diesel, xd,
Friends:71: 121283, 70x7, afternoons, atrocious, corpse, death_decay, decieved, deplorable, dumbxbutxtough, eat_stars, emergency_, emo_whxre, e_go, fadingaway_, fallen_star_, fartmonkeycrap, fcuker, festival_song, foreplay, forget_my_face, forgiveme, fourohfour, fuck__up, fuhqu, g_reyes, hazard, hotrodcircuit, h__ear_ta_che, improvisation, in_your_hands, kissable_quiet, less_than_three, lil_miss_nikki, morbid, nikkie_2k3, not_falling, ohbabyohbaby, palewhite, perfectseeking, peroxide_, punkl0s3rkm, radiosinheaven, revolucion, sabrescar, secondstar, sharlene, sickofyou, speakers, starryeyes203, stitch_me, stoke_tart_69, suchamess, sugarpunk_xxx, sweet_hrrt, teenagexriot, tourettes, unknownfailure, walking_problem, waste___ofspace, worst_ex, wreckfantastic, writtenrevolt, xxnotmystylex, _insomnia, _invade, _lipstick, _spin, _starlet, _unknown_reborn, __antisocial, __contagion
Account type:Early Adopter
Date created:2003-03-03 11:34:25
Date updated:2003-07-20 11:24:38, 595 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 1.1
Win32-MFC-Sema: 1.2
Journal entries:100
Comments:Posted: 473 - Received: 615
Shared Journal Access:fourohfour can post to _pictureperfect
fourohfour can post to justfuckinsayit

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