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Below is information about the "pictoral manifesto" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:foto (94995)
Name:pictoral manifesto
About:an alternative picture posting community

abide by the following-
1. all nudity behind lj cuts that specify there is nudity in the content of the post
2. constructive criticism only. keep the rude remarks to yourself. jerkface.
3. large or excessive amount of pictures- also place those behind a lj cut tag. seriously.

this commnunity is new and budding. please get it off on the right foot by sticking with it and posting!

maintainer is villains
Interests:93: abstract art, activism, adobe, androgyny, art, attitude, b&w photography, beauty, bitch, body parts, cams, combat boots, confusion, corsets, cosmetics, costumes, creativity, david lynch, desire, digicams, digital cameras, discord, doodling, dreams, eccentric, egotism, emo, emotion, erotica, existentialism, exploitation, eyeliner, eyes, faces, fashion, glasses, goth, graphic art, hair, hate, hats, human behavior, images, imagination, indie, insanity, japanese street fashion, kicking, lighting, lips, loathing, love, make-up, manifesto, markers, masquerade, mod, modern art, music, narcissism, nature, nerds, nudity, outcasts, passion, people, people watching, photography, photos, pictures, playing dress up, pop art, punk, retro, sarcasm, screaming, self destruction, self discovery, self expression, sight, silhouettes, skin, soul searching, teens, thought, thrift stores, tokyo vogue, vain, vanity, vintage, visual, webcam, zines
Members:37: aixyhpsa, arieh, biogrrl, boygenius, breathingwaves, cacophobia, charmedone, dashboardlover, deltadelta, electro_k, fallingxpieces, forabluegirl, gutterxwhore, hachi, jackassxjunkie, killxtoxcure, kingofallevil, licoricewhipped, lovesonlyhope, my_nirvana, noncreative, ohno_disaster, photofreak, pynk_baby, skanky_scissors, strangle, taxiride, technoballerina, tevy, thenxsome, villains, willothewizp, xxstrangegrrlxx, youkillme, yoursinsintome, zolka, __corroded
Watched by:15: arieh, charmedone, deltadelta, fallingxpieces, junko, killxtoxcure, kingofallevil, licoricewhipped, sew, sillyangel, technoballerina, tevy, willothewizp, yoursinsintome, zolka
Account type:Early Adopter

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