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Below is information about the "Kooky Fortunes" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:fortune_kookies (555145)  
Name:Kooky Fortunes
Website:Bad Cookie
About:Need advice that probably won't help you out at all? Okay... maybe that was a bad start. How bout this? Need a laugh? Then you've come to the right place.

Kooky Fortunes are all about... you guessed it, kooky fortunes!
People can come and ask "What's my fortune?" and someone will give them one. It doesn't really matter what it says. It may be incredibly profound or it may make you think "What the hell?" That's what makes them so great.

The One Rule:
This is all supposed to be fun, so, please, no assholish fortunes.

Check out the website. It's not the community's, but it might give you some inspiration. Um... I think that's about it. Time to get random.

Interests:48: adages, advice, aphorisms, apothegms, axioms, catch phrases, chinese food, cliches, cookies, creativity, epigrams, expressions, food, foolishness, fortune cookies, fortunes, fun, ideas, idoms, irony, lucky numbers, making stuff up, maxims, messages, morals, mottos, nonsense, paradoxes, proverbs, quotes, random thoughts, randomness, randomosity, rules, sarcasm, satire, sayings, slogans, the future, theories, thoughts, truth, wisdom, wise men, wise women, witticisms, words, writing
Members:8: anglimangled, benn, fallen_star78, fibonacci112358, frozen_isis, lustforlife, onebaby2another, wishing143
Watched by:6: anglimangled, benn, fallen_star78, fibonacci112358, frozen_isis, velvetstardust
Account type:Free User

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