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Below is user information for forever hers. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:foreverhers (89890)
Name:forever hers
Bio:<3 in love with my beautiful other half
Interests:136: accents, accepting others, amélie poulain, angelina jolie, angels, aretha franklin, astrid lindgren, autumn, being alone, being mushy, blankets, bon jovi, books, bookshops, boys dont cry, bracelets, candles, chicken, chocolate chip cookies, christmas, cosiness, counting crows, cuddling, december, devon aoki, dreaming, emm gryner, europe, ewan mcgregor, fashion, feels like home, films, fiona apple, friends, gay rights, gia, gillian anderson, girl interrupted, giving, grace kelly, happiness, homosexuality, honesty, hope, hugging, human rights, humour, ice tea, icelandic, inner beauty, internet, intimacy, irony, italian, jennifer lopez, jewel, joan cusack, jonas gardell, kate winslet, kevin spacey, kissing, laura pausini, lauryn hill, letters, lilies, lipgloss, lisa ekdahl, london, long chats, lovesongs, majandra delfino, mark levengood, matchbox 20, meeting people, moulin rouge, mushiness, my best friend, my girlfriend, my love, my other half, my soulmate, märta tikkanen, natalie portman, norway, packages, pasadena, peach juice, peter jöback, phil collins, phonecalls, photos, pink, princess diana, procastinating, psychology, rain, roswell, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, scarfs, self exploration, self-acceptance, sex & the city, sincerity, skittles, sleeping, snow, spanish, strawberries, stripes, sweaters, swedish, sweets, tattoos, tea with milk, the moon, the truth, thinking, tinkerbell, tori amos, travelling, true friendship, true love, ultra bra, venice, vienna, walks in the rain, wayne's coffee, where the heart is, white oleander, winnie the pooh, winter, winter coats, writing, , ♥ leire♥
Friends:7: amazingrose, amira, candyswirl, faerywinged, fuel, julietta, stolenface
Friend of:6: amira, candyswirl, faerywinged, fuel, julietta, stolenface
Account type:Early Adopter

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