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User:forever_ (31277)
Website:my CJ
Location:Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
People who judge other people by what they wear or what they look like... Well, I hate those type of people. Those are the people who think they're all that and think they're perfect. No human or creature is perfect. Don't like what I just said? Bite me, I'll give you my hand. Oh, she's not christian, we can never be friends! Bullshit! Believe it or not, people have friends who seem completely different. Gasp! Someone call the news! People have friends who aren't like them! I think I might just die! I laugh at you conformists who judge people by clothes and hair.

This is me, it's friends only, hate me? Fine. Like me? Fine. Love me? Mmk, this is only the internet people! Judge me? Fine, at least I'm not a sheep!
Memories:2 entries
Interests:31: agent 51, alkaline trio, alternative, american nightmare, atticus, autopilot off, avoid one thing, avril lavigne, blink 182, box car racer, finch, glassjaw, good charolette, jimmy eat world, kelly osbourne, kut u up, madcap, mandy moore, mariah carey, michelle branch, midtown, new found glory, no doubt, shakira, simple plan, sugarcult, the mighty mighty bosstones, the movielife, the starting line, the used, vanessa carlton
Friends:19: cow, forever_, gentle_kisses, hispaniq_latte, jigglebilly, jlowannabetat, kiko, like_firah, lucky_7, marvolo, mascara_x, minty, seansbabygirl, stud, tobiasthedog, travesura, twizzler, whorish, __h0peless
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