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Below is user information for LOTO. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:forbiddensorrow (330887)
AOL IM:sultanofsorrow (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Good evening and good day. I’ll be your host for this little adventure. I am called many a names such as Anthony, Pork Chop, Spooky, PC, Lord Cedryk, Reschka, Loto and even Boy or Boy-o. You are about to enter the awe and mystery of . . . me!

last time i checked i was 5'10"some what tall,slight build ('ccording to others),green eyes usually sometimes blue or grey.ummm...yeah.brown hair.and i'm 17 now and i go to l.c.h.s.n.

Oral Sex Donations Accepted

i'm a witch(not devilworshipper)still reading.

i'm into many things.i like bowling(which i suck at)track,and drawing.there isn't much in my life except little bits of gloom.nothing special.oh yeah.i'm also in band and like sailor moon(hell yeah),and the likes of that."if it doesn't hurt, you must not be trying hard enough than
Interests:150: 20 fingers, adrenaline, anger, anime, art, b-rate movies, bad japanese movies, band, bashing others religion, beastie boys, being alone, being turned on, black, black lights, blood, bondage, bowling, caffeine, campfires, candles, cannibalism, cemeteries, chains, chaos, clubbing, comedy central, comics, corpses, cows, cuddling, dancing, dark, darker side of life, darkness, dead, death, decay, demons, destruction, disturbed, disturbing things, dragons, drawing, dreams, drowning pool, dying, edgar allan poe, eerie music, evil, evil ernie, fairies, fantasy, fire, friends, full moons, fury, fush tv, goth, goth chicks, graveyards, greek mythology, halloween, handcuffs, hanging with friends, hell, hot topics, immortal, immortality, invader zim, japan, japanese, junell, killer clowns, killing, korn, lady death, lava lamps, leather, legos, lightning, lust, magic the gathering, magick, manga, masochist, metal, midnight, monty python, moon, moonlight, mountain dew, mudvayne, music, music choice, necromancy, neopets, nirvana, nocturnal, offspring, orgy, paganism, pain, papa roach, piers anthony, playing doctor, poems, poetry, rage, rain, rammstein, reading science fiction, rob zombie, rubber ducks, s.c.a., sadomasochist, safety pins, sailor moon, saturday night live, self mutilation, shadows, sharp objects, shifted lands, showing off, silver, sledding, slurpee, spawn, stalking, staying up late, storms, supernatural, superstition, swimming, system of a down, taco bell, techno, the bloodhound gang, the crow, the lost boys, thunder, type o negative, union underground, vampires, violence, voodoo, weird shit, white zombie, wicca, wickedness, witchcraft
Friends:3: lovedeprivation, xtcgothchic, xxdrkangelxx
Friend of:1: xxdrkangelxx
Account type:Free User

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