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Below is information about the "The Forbidden Room of J-Rock Yaoi RP" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:forbidden_room (433766)
Name:The Forbidden Room of J-Rock Yaoi RP
About:This is a new community made by me, Kyo! I got a little bored so I decided to extend the invitation to all of my J-Rock-y friends to come and chat.

Though beware, sometimes things might get a little ::evil grin:: slashy.

If you're gonna join, you should have a journal that is separate from your normal one, for conveinence and for even *more* fun. Don't complain about having too many journals to me, I have 3 here now, 1 at LJ and 1 at DJ. >_>;;

You can be slashy with any J-Rocker of your choice, as long as you have your own char and they aren't already ::caugh:: taken.

I'm always online, almost every day. Cause I've got nothing *better*to do. >.< So it isn't hard to get a hold of me.

I'll update this as much as I can. Which will probably be a lot, so check back.

I'll expect everyone to at least have some semblence of IC, but not completely. At least resemble the char you're playing, and use this place as only J-Rock RP such. If you want to ask me a question or something, just IM me, I'll respond if I'm online.

::looks around at random things:: I think I've covered most points. Well, except for a few I guess. When things start to pick up and work out better, we can hold AIM chatroom RPs when anyone is available.

If I don't have the place where you would be listed (group and such), tell me. If I don't know who the hell you are, just inform me dammit! And if your char is taken, I can't do anything to help you.

::evil grin:: Though I don't really mind, some people might want you to show common courtesy.

But hey, fuck the no cusing rule. Curse as much as you fucking feel like.

My last point is this,

Have fun and raise hell in the Forbidden Room!!!!!

Your master [Read - administrator] is demonic_kyo.


Dir en grey
Kyo demonic_kyo
Shinya kirei_shinchan
Toshiya toshiya_star
Die kaxxii_die_kun
Kaoru pink_kao

Duel Jewel
Natsuki lilkidnatsuki
Hayato duelhayato7


Luna Sea
Sugizo sugizo_of_ice
Ryuichi lunatic_ryuichi
J j_onose

Malice Mizer
Gackt lord_gackt
Mana elegant_egotist


Miyavi elegant_miyavi

Velvet Eden
DADA street_of_dada

X Japan

[This community is for RPing only. No harm is meant or anything.]

Anyone who joins this community as a J-Rocker, go here also. forever_silent The info page will tell you what you need to know. Kinda.

Interests:73: aiji, akiya, baiser, buck-tick, chachamaru, dada, die, dir en grey, due le quartz, duel jewel, gackt, glay, hayato, heath, hide, hisashi, hyde, ino, isshi, izumi, j, janne da arc, jiro, jun, kagrra, kami, kaoru, ken, kirito, klaha, kohta, kozi, kuroyume, kyo, l'arc~en~ciel, luna sea, malice mizer, mana, masa, miyavi, nao, natsuki, pata, pierrot, plastic tree, ren, rp, ryuichi, sakito, shaisuke, shin, shinya, shounen ai, shun, slash, sugizo, takeo, takuro, teru, tetsu, toshi, toshiya, transtic nerve, val, velvet eden, x japan, yaoi, yoshiki, you, yukari, yukihiro, yuya, yu~ki
Members:15: bloodangelkaoru, demonic_kyo, duelhayato7, elegant_egotist, elegant_miyavi, kaxxii_die_kun, kirei_shinchan, lilkidnatsuki, lord_gackt, lunatic_ryuichi, namechan, pink_kao, street_of_dada, sugizo_of_ice, toshiya_star
Watched by:11: bloodangelkaoru, demonic_kyo, duelhayato7, elegant_egotist, elegant_miyavi, lord_gackt, lunatic_ryuichi, rei_kun, street_of_dada, sugizo_of_ice, toshiya_star
Account type:Free User

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