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User:flowerchild19 (879961)
Name:What Ever Happened to Jesse Camp?
Website:Twist of Tangerine
Location:Mobile, Alabama, United States
AOL IM:lar41785 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Southern flower child with a dislike of wearing shoes.
*Living on the beautiful Gulf Coast, but in the wrong decade.
*20 years old
*brown eyes
*Devotee of Led Zeppelin. The Beatles. Jason Mraz. The Music. Donovan. Interpol, Terry Reid, Melanie,CCR....and all hippie/psychedelic music in general, really. But I can't leave out Brad Paisley and Keith Urban.
*Ran away from College.
*Brutally Honest.
*Somewhat of a Psychic. Very Intuitive. Reads body language very well.
*Wary of The Man.
*Best Friend will remain nameless. Have been best friends for 17 years.
*Led Zeppelin changed my life. Seriously.
*Speakin' with a southern drawl.
*Devoted fan of Kermit the Frog.
* I have no qualms about being referred to as "hippie" and "groupie" by friends. It's something that defines me.Though I can proudly say I am not a stereotypical 'groupie type'. I just love musicians and being in their company. Don't assume I sleep with them.
*I've also assumed a pseudonym ...
***Peace, Love, and Grits to you all.***
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The Mighty Zeppelin

The "Must Touch" Hit List: Jason Mraz. Green Day. The Killers. The Redwalls. Jet. Interpol. Big and Rich. The Music. Kasabian. Razorlight. Robert Plant. Hot Hot Heat. Any FallOut Boy...preferably Patrick Stump

The "Already Touched" list : Brad Arnold (3 Doors Down singer) Bo Bice, Troy McLawhorn (Dark New Day) Katelyn Tarver and BAND, Dez Dickerson (former Prince drummer) Justin Williamson (Brad Paisley's fiddle player) Josh Gracin...I touched Big Kenny's hand. =) more to come.

"There was a band playing in my head, and I felt like getting high." Neil Young
"Like a true Nature's child, we were born, born to be wild" Steppenwolf
"I'm a tidy sort of bloke. I don't like chaos. I kept records in the record rack, tea in the tea caddy, and pot in the pot box." George Harrison
"There can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level. It's got to happen inside first." Jim Morrison
"Feelin' Groovy" Simon&Garfunkel
"Ya gotta get a little mud on the tires." Brad Paisley
"Mahrashi Yogi isn't a very groovy guru." Donovan
"It's all happening!" Penny Lane
"I am a golden god!" Robert Plant
"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams." Willy Wonka
"Gentlemen cry 'Peace,Peace' but there is no peace!" Patrick Henry

robertbeatlesbobbythe whojimmy pagejimigarden

Fave Destinations:
Interests of mine that aren't official interests on Blurty: Ross Halfin, Lori Maddox,Morgana Welch, Hollywood Diaries, Haight Ashbury District, The Flying Garter Girls, The Real Pennie Lane, The Texas Blondes, Randy California and Spirit

I love my Chellie, in her popped collar and darling freckles
Memories:28 entries
Interests:116: almost famous, american idiot, american idol, anthony kiedis, babies, bangle bracelets, bass guitars, beach, bellbottoms, big sunglasses, billie joe armstrong, black eyeliner, bo bice, brad paisley, carson daly, citrus, coldplay, conan obrien, crunching ice, daquiries, dave navarro, def leppard, donovan, drawing, employment, fall out boy, fiona apple, flea markets, flip flops, flowery purses, fuse, ghost hunters, glitter, go go dancers, grant wilson, green day, groupies, guitars, guns n roses, hair scarves, hippies, india, janis joplin, jason mraz, jet, jim and pam, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, jimmy page, kaiser chiefs, kate hudson, kathy griffin, lava lamps, led zeppelin, long hair, long necklaces, margaritas, melanie safka, mexican food, mexico, mike dirnt, mixed cd, mixed tape, my chemical romance, myspace, palm trees, pamela des barres, panic at the disco, patrick stump, peasant shirts, penny lane, pete wentz, pink floyd, platform shoes, psychedelia, ray toro, razorlight, road trips, robert plant, rock bands, rod stewart, sarcasm, shaggy hair, sharpies, slash, sleeping late, string lights, sunflowers, sylvia browne, tangerines, taylor hicks, terry reid, text messages, the academy is, the beatles, the doors, the killers, the music, the office, the rolling stones, the seventies, the sixties, the strokes, the sweet, the who, thrift stores, tie dye, tre cool, u2, vh1, vh1 classic, vinyl records, washington dc, wavy hair, will ferrell, woodstock
Friends:9: 20pinkmonkey04, almostfamouss, amanda2027, bluepineapples, faggotxabillion, ii_barbiee_ii, sarah_hippie, tungstenimago, visorhater
Friend of:7: 20pinkmonkey04, almostfamouss, bluepineapples, faggotxabillion, ii_barbiee_ii, sarah_hippie, tungstenimago
Account type:Free User

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