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Below is user information for /pixi. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:flitterflutter (515207)
Location:clermont, Florida, United States
Bio:hi. my name is pixi. WOO :D i'm 2o, i live in florida, i love nathan, i'm spontaneous and fun. ummm..

yeah. i like my life.

.. i guess i'll finish this later, y0.

i hate arrogance, ignorance, and violence.
Interests:150: (hed) p.e., 50 cent, a.f.i., acid, acid trance, acting stupid, alcohol, anime, beer, being a bitch, being loud, bisexuality, bitching, black, blowing up, bone thugs, boots, boys in eyeliner, bssm sailor moon, candy kids, cars, cigarettes, clothes, clubbing, control, costumes, craig david, cyber, cybergoth, d.i.y., dancing, decorating, depression, disco, dnb, dress-up, drugs, drum n bass, earth, ecstacy, evanescence, fairies, fairy wings, fake fur, fake hair, family, fantasy, fashion, fashion design, fetish, fiona apple, florida, friends, fruits, fucking, girl bands, girls, glam, glamour, glitter, glitter goth, glow in the dark, goth, gothic, hair, hair attachments, hair dye, halloween, hardcore, hip-hop, hippys, industrial, iridescence, jack off jill, kandy kids, kittie, kosheen, lasgo, light shows, love, ludacris, makeovers, makeup, marilyn manson, marlboro lights, mohawks, money, music, my ruin, neo-hippieism, nightlife, old movies, orlando, otep, parties, partying, people, performing, pixies, pleated skirts, posting pictures, pride, punk, punk rock, racing, rap, ravers, raves, raving, reading, reggae, renaissance, riot grrl, sailormoon, saturns, scarling, self-abuse, sewing, sex, shoes, shopping, shrooms, ska, smoking, socializing, solitude, spinning, sprite remix, staind, stilletoes, submission, taking pictures of people, talking, techno, thrift, thrift stores, tokyo, tori amos, trance, trapt, tripping, turntables, uv reactive, vinyl, wearing wings, wings, writing, writing music, ybor city, zebras
Friends:10: attnstarved, bisexuality, body_mods, cybergoth, deathfixation, emptyvision, littlefaith, moontrip, riotxgrrl, _trance_nation_
Account type:Free User

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