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Below is user information for Fl0rkin' It. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:fl0rk (444414)
Name:Fl0rkin' It
Location:..., United States
AOL IM:TheHighFlamingo (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hi. I'm Alison. 13, live in GA, near da ATL baby! Goes to SMS (a middle school)...8th grade. Currently single (but hopefully NOT for long ;)) Has one bitchy ass brother with a fucked up sleeping schedule (goes to bed around 5pmish sleeps till 1amish stays up all night then goes to school. Repeat) Likes punkish music (Think: Die Trying, Eve 6, Smile Empty Soul, Sum 41, Blink 182, etc.) Favorite color is orange! Party Hardy!
Interests:150: adam sandler, adam's song, aim, alien ant farm, aliens, american hi fi, american hi-fi, american pie, aol, ask jeeves, babysitting, beastie boys, big daddy, billy madison, blink 182, bloodhound gang, boys, brownies, can't hardly wait, canasta, candy, carnivals, cds, coffee yogurt, coke, cold, computer, connor, cosmo girl, csi, cuddling, dark chocolate, degrassi, die trying, dippin' dots, dish network, dominos, drinking water, dvds, elimidate, emails, eminem, evan & jaron, eve 6, flirting, flirting with guys, freddie prinze jr., friends, funny movies, good charlotte, guys, habbo hotel, happy gilmore, harry potter, headphones, henry garfield, hot guys, hot pockets, internet, iron monkey, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, josh hartnett, king of the hill, kneeboarding, lakes, laptops, leo dicaprio, lilo & stitch, limp bizkit, linkin park, lipgloss, little kids, lj layouts, m & m's, mac & cheese, makeup, malcom in the middle, malls, matthew lillard, men in black, mini golf, moondog, moovies, movies, mp3s, msn, mtv, music, my user pic, neopets, not another teen movie, ocean, papa johns, people, phones, pissing people off, pizza, playstation, playstation 2, polls, pools, punk rock, punks, putt putt, quizzes, radio, reading people's journals, rock music, room 13, rush hour, rush hour 2, scary movies, scooby doo, seventeen, shopping, silly putty, silly string, simpsons, sims, skaters, sleeping, slim shady, smile empty soul, snickers, snow, soccer, soffees, south park, spongebob square pants, st. augustine florida, stuffed crust pizza, sugar ray, sum 41, swimming, the devil's backbone, the eminem show, the smurfs, the used, the waterboy, tubes, tubing, tv, vanilla coke, watches, water, water skiing, websites, weezer, x-files
Friends:None listed.
Member of:1: minoritydesigns
Account type:Free User

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