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Below is user information for ki ki. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:finished (84092)
Name:ki ki
Location:Indiana, United States
Bio:no one remembers when they were young and stupid.
Interests:126: 101 dalmations, 80s movies, abercrombie & fitch, american eagle, anime, april, aristocats, babydoll, barbie, beanie babies, bears, ben affleck, blue hair, buttons, caffeine free diet coke, carebears, cash, cats, charmed, china, christmas, coldplay, cowboy bebop, cruella, december, delias, diamonds, diet coke, disney movies, dmx, dogs, dorothy, egypt, express, flare jeans, florida, france, french, fushigi yuugi, gas, george clooney, gizmo, googoo dolls, greenbacks, hair dye, hearts, hello kitty, hi-liters, honeycomb, hugh grant, ice, japan, jewelry, julia roberts, julia stiles, khakis, kittens, leather, leo dicaprio, lion king, little mermaid, lollipops, love, madame alexander dolls, matt damon, mcdonalds toys, miaka, milkyways, money, mulan, nail color, nail enamel, nail polish, nail polish remover, necklaces, new year's eve, new york city, nicknames, ocean's 11, ok go, pac sun, paris, persians, phone books, pink, pink hair, pink panther, pins, pixie stix, pongo, pop rocks, presents, puppies, purple hair, red hair, reese witherspoon, reindeer, riddlin kids, rings, rudy, sailormoon, sandra bullock, santa, skirts, snow, stars, state of grace, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, suckers, sugarcult, tamahome, tears, teddy bears, the eiffel tower, the gremlins, the gufs, the mummy, the vines, third eye blind, tremor, vin diesel, voodoo dolls, wakefield, winter, wizard of oz
Friends:20: addme, alexei, ani_difranco, anti_avril, avril_sucks, bitter_truth, brood, deranged, emptythoughts, fructose, geekyindie, girls_club, hello_kitty_fan, innocentlyme, krup_you, okgo, oldschool_tevee, orochimaru, punk_rock_poser, sugarcult
Friend of:9: alexei, bitter_truth, brood, coded, emptythoughts, fructose, innocentlyme, krup_you, paraplegic
Member of:7: ani_difranco, anti_avril, avril_sucks, girls_club, hello_kitty_fan, oldschool_tevee, sugarcult
Account type:Early Adopter

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