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User:finchster05 (489904)
Location:Wiesbaden, Germany
AOL IM:dashboardrawker (Add Buddy, Send Message)

I. Hate. People. Who. Copy. Other. People. and. Think. That. They. Know. Shit. But. They. Actually. Dont. They. Are. Just. People. Who. Will. Act. Like. The. Shit. But. Never. Tell. Anyone. About. How. They. Got. To. Where. They. Are. Today.

---Fuck. Followers. Fuck. Copiers.---
Interests:144: 50 first dates, 80's, 80's teen movies, a static lullaby, adam sandler, afi, aim, at the drive in, baggy pants, belts, billy talent, black, bob the builder, boysnightout, braclets, brand new, burning myself, candles, canvases (sp), cell fone minute cards, cell fones, cherry poptarts, chevelle, chuck taylors, cigarettes, coca-cola, copeland, dashboard confessional, dickies, drawing, drew barrymore, dvd players, elephant, emily the strange, emo guys, emo music, fanta-blue!, filipino food, finch, flip-flops, frapachinos, french fries, gel markers, georgia, glittery nail polish, green, gum, hair straightners, hoodies, hot tubs, hugh grant, hugs, in living color, incubus, jill, journals, kathryn, katie, kissing, koolaid, kurt cobain, lesley, lighters, low budget/indie/sundance-film-festival movies, mac and cheese, malcolm in the middle, melvin burgess, messanger bags, mest, monster, mr. hancock's class, music, my nudie pants, nirvana, notebooks, orange, pacsun, paint, parties, pasta, patches, pedicures, pennywise, pens, pepperoni, peter pan, pharrel williams, pimpkie, pin-stripe pants, pink, plaid, puppies, renee' zelwigger, rings, rock, ryan, ryan's pink zero skateboard, schnitzel, scooter-man, self mutalation, sesame street, sharpies, shoes, showers, sixteen candles, slc punk, smack, snl, socks, some r & b, something corporate, speak, starbucks, sugarcult, switchfoot, taco bell, tans, that 70's show, the apex theory, the ataris, the beach, the breakfast club, the emperor's new groove, the fone, the postal service, the smokers, the used, the vines, the wedding singer, thirteen, thrift stores, thursday, toothbrush bracelets, tsunami bomb, vendetta red, vh1, warped tour, watches, wayne's world, weezer, whitewater high, wiesbaden high, zines, zumies
Friends:7: cutmeintopieces, emolyrics, endlessclimb, fatallygorgeous, mestjunkie, mestupmixtape, thx4noticingme
Friend of:2: mestupmixtape, swt143pea
Member of:3: cutmeintopieces, emolyrics, fatallygorgeous
Account type:Free User

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