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Below is information about the "FF maniacs" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:final_fantasy (15619)
Name:FF maniacs
Website:square's official site
About:welcome to the first site on blurty dedicated to bringing you information on the final fantasy series! you can post strategies, ideas for future games, share opinions, and ask questions! ^_^

many thanks go to wingedgrace for taking the time to make our layout. go be nice to her! ^_^

don't forget to check out claim_anime and claim_a_soul
Interests:88: aeons, aeris gainsborough, auron, avalanche, balamb garden military academy, barret wallace, black mage, cait sith, cid highwind, cloud strife, corel village, cosmo canyon, dollet, edea, ff1, ff10, ff2, ff3, ff4, ff5, ff6, ff7, ff8, ff9, ffi, ffii, ffiii, ffiv, ffix, ffv, ffvi, ffvii, ffviii, ffx, final fantasy, final fantasy 1, final fantasy 10, final fantasy 2, final fantasy 3, final fantasy 4, final fantasy 5, final fantasy 6, final fantasy 7, final fantasy 8, final fantasy 9, galbadia, gil, irvine kinneas, jecht, kimahri, kingdom hearts, laguna loire, limit breaks, lulu, maester, mage, mako, marlene, materia, midgar, mog, nibelheim, quistis trepe, red xiii, rinoa heartilly, seed, seifer almasy, selphie tilmitt, sephiroth, seymour, shinra inc, sin, soldier, spira, squall leonhart, summoner, summons, tidus, tifa lockhart, vincent valentine, wakka, warrior, weapon, white mage, wutai, yuffie kisaragi, yuna, zell dincht
Members:108: aitenshii, akira1202, alcyone, angel07, animations, arckrune, ashre, aweandobsession, beata, bleed_for_me, bmogroupie, bombadil, bondageseraph, booya, brokenmachine, broken_life, cantforgetyou, celticstarling, chibikawaiineko, cuntsnot, cyrius, dark_requiem, deadeyes77, deadly_kitsune, deathavril, dialoguesymphny, doctweezer44, electrik, ellone, emeraldmage, evangilist, fallen_angelfae, felicitous, ff_lover, forgiversign, genome_227, ghaleon, haunted_emotion, hellspawned_, humble_milkmaid, hypn0tize_me, illuminations, jackxdawson, jaiden, jinsei, kameikari, kartoonizt, kira_sakuya, kiss, kouichi, kurt_cobain, ladybg0016, ladylulu, livinginadream, marsfire, meep, mikotoleonhart, mistychan, morbid_angel, myglasseye, naruto, neo_heartless, nurumayu, otakon2086, pandascanttalk, paradoxymoron, phr0zen, pisceanstar, pixkie, private_eye, prophet_iv, punk, pyromaniac, rytes, sakae, sarimania, sctaller, sessh_sama, sexup_dagger, shleepywriter, sil, silverfoxie, spiritedaway, squirrelmustdie, summoneryuna, surrealrose, sushigirl, taccun363, tenjou_utena, transit21, true_reject, twix, ulkieab, vynara, wingedgrace, wolfeyes_666, wuvsd, xagetupkidx, xlilstarx, xstarlikex, youseiziploc, zoomeister, _allycat_, _illuminati_, _queenofhearts_, _rikku_, _rinoa_, _sarah_
Watched by:57: aitenshii, alcyone, arckrune, ashre, aweandobsession, beata, brokenmachine, broken_life, cantforgetyou, celticstarling, cuntsnot, dialoguesymphny, diamonddust1414, doctweezer44, electrik, evangilist, felicitous, ff_lover, forgiversign, genome_227, ghaleon, haunted_emotion, humble_milkmaid, ikane, jackxdawson, jaiden, jinsei, kameikari, kurt_cobain, ladybg0016, ladylulu, marsfire, mikotoleonhart, morbid_angel, otakon2086, pandascanttalk, paradoxymoron, pixkie, prophet_iv, rytes, sarimania, sexup_dagger, shleepywriter, sil, squirrelmustdie, summoneryuna, surrealrose, swordlily, taccun363, true_reject, wingedgrace, wolfeyes_666, wuvsd, xlilstarx, _allycat_, _illuminati_, _sarah_
Account type:Early Adopter

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