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Below is user information for Anne. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:fieryce (329556)
Bio:There isn't quite much to me, just passing through. You'll see me on your way out.
Interests:140: acting like an idiot, action, angels, anime, art, biology, biomolecular engineering, bishounen, books, caressing, chocolate, chromosomes, chrono trigger, claiming, colors, comedy, compassion, computers, dance dance revolution, dark chocolate, ddr, depression, dragoons, drawing, eaichu250, eating pie, expressing love, fanart, fanfics, fanfics that don't suck, fanfiction, fantasy, feeling, final fantasy, final fantasy 7, fire, fire emblem, food, forums, free stuff, frenchbread used as weaponry, friends, genes, genetic engineering, genetics, glomping, hating stupidity, hebrew, html, hugging, hugs, icy brian's rpg page, intelligence, intelligent people, internet, japan, kissing, kupo, languages, life, light, literature, logic, lord of the rings, love, lovers, making love, meditation, metal, moogles, moonlight, music, my friends, mythology, night, not sharing this interest, obw, original fiction, paint shop pro, people who aren't stupid, personalities, philosophy, photography, pie, pizza, places that aren't here, playstation, poetry, pondering, ps2, psychology, pumpkin pie, ragalto, rain, ranting, reading, really hot guys, relationships, rhetoric, rock and roll, role-playing, romance, rpgs, sarcasm, science, sciences, sexiness, sexy, shawn, silence, sleep, sleeping, snes, snuggling, space, squaresoft, star of david, star wars, stars, staying up late, strategy, strategy games, strategy rpgs, suikoden, sunshine, super nintendo, swords, the simpsons, thinking, time, time travel, time/space continuum, tragedy, unf!, video games, weebl and bob, wings, writing, xenogears, zelda
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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