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User:fiatincantatum (91262)
Name:Turn, Fortune
Website:The Floo Network RPG
Bio: ‘Turn, Fortune, turn thy wheel and lower the proud;
Turn thy wild wheel through sunshine, storm, and cloud;
Thy wheel and thee we neither love nor hate.

‘Turn, Fortune, turn thy wheel with smile or frown;
With that wild wheel we go not up or down;
Our hoard is little, but our hearts are great.

‘Smile and we smile, the lords of many lands;
Frown and we smile, the lords of our own hands;
For man is man and master of his fate.

‘Turn, turn thy wheel above the staring crowd;
Thy wheel and thou are shadows in the cloud;
Thy wheel and thee we neither love nor hate.’

-- Alfred, Lord Tennyson "The Marriage of Geraint"
Interests:123: abigail loomis, anne mccaffrey, arisaema, aurors, books, bookstores, caergybi, calliope, cats, celtic knotwork, celtic music, celtic mythology, city gardening, classical music, cobalt glass, cymraeg, cypripedium, ebenezer and snooch, emmeline vance, enid davies, f/f, f/f slash, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fantastic beasts, fantasy, femslash, ferns, fiction, fiction alley, folk music, folklore, gardening, gardens, genealogy, girlslash, handspinning, hardy orchids, harry potter, harry potter fanfiction, herbs, hestia jones, high flight, historic houses, hogwarts, holyhead harpies, hostas, hufflepuff, imagination, irises, j.k. rowling, jk rowling, katie bell, kingsley shacklebolt, knitting, leather, legends, mabinogion, madam hooch, mcgonagall/hooch, mercedes lackey, minerva mcgonagall, mythology, myths, native orchids, native plants, nymphadora tonks, obscure canon characters, old gardens, original characters, out of the blue, plant photography, plants, plot bunnies, quidditch, quidditch through the ages, rare plants, ravenclaw, reading, roses, rpg, saffic, sanguinaria, science fiction, shade gardening, silk, sim city 4, simcity4, slash fanfic, slytherin, smurgling, spinning, squidwarts, sushi, taiko, tea, terence higgs, terrestrial orchids, the floo network rpg, the grey lady, the mabinogion, the plotbunny-o-matic, the wild geese, theresa nott, tonks, tonks/shacklebolt, trillium, trilliums, urban woodlands, uric the oddball, wales, weaving, welsh, welsh mythology, wikipedia, witches, wizards, woodland gardening, woodless graphite sticks, words, writing, ♀♀
Friends:11: clients, fandom_wank, high_flight, howto, lisse, madamxhooch, mst_the_moron, news, otps_r_us, support, syxer7
Account type:Early Adopter

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