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User:femmexfatalex (740897)  
Location:Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
AOL IM:Send a Dove (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:My name is Megan. I'm a 18 year old from Cincinnati. Tell me your adding me, I'll add you back.
I'm graduating high school this year and will be going to the University of Cincinnati for college.
I play the violin, I'm obsessed with hello kitty, and I live for concerts. To me there is no better place in the world then in a pit.

Some of my favorite bands are-
The Velvet Underground, Tsunami Bomb, Taking Back Sunday, No doubt, Thursday, RX Bandits, and Anti-Flag.

Some of my favorite movies are-
Harvey, American Beauty, Girl Interrupted, Wizard of Oz, A Beautiful Mind, and SLC Punk.

My favorite book is The Perks of being a Wallflower.
Interests:150: 20 going on..., 8th wave, a static lullaby, adam lazzara, agent m, akward silences, alkaline trio, american beauty, ani difranco, ankles, anti-working@claires, ballerina fashion, banana in bathtub, bananana man, beautiful broken boys, beautiful cellos, being 18, being a hermit, being myself, billy bragg, bittersweet nightshades, black cats w/green eyes, bleedingtoknowyouralive, blondie, bobs your uncle, bogarts, bowl of oranges, bright eyes, broken glass, build me an ocean, bush=killer, butt raping, cahoots, catch 22, catcher in the rye, chemical imbalances, chicago, collecting jones soda bottles, collecting leaves!!!!!!!, coloring outside the lines, concerts, conscientious objector, corsets, crack muffins, cursive, dancing under the stars, dancing underneath the stars, darby crash, dark parades, dark purple hair, dead kennedys, dirty hair, doves, dreads, eating ice, emo boys, emo-core, eternal sunshine, ex-cutters, fall weather, falling up stairs, feeling infinite, female fronted bands, food art, forming, frolicking, fruits, fuck bush, germs burns, girl interrupted, girls in the pit, green apple jones soda, gregory maguire, grumpy bear, harvey, hello kitty, hugs, i dream of jeannie, imperfection, jan 31, japanese culture, japanese street fashion, jewel, jimmy stewart, john cale, justin sane, light the night walk, losing rolls of film, lou reed, mad libs, madlibs @lunch everyday!, making food collages, mary downing hanh, matt skiba, mental health days, mics-r-made-4-singing-not-swinging, mike griffen, missing chicago, mix tapes, modest mouse, moe tucker, murder by death, neeple, nico, no doubt, nonviolent straightedge, not growing up, nutmeg, ocd, orch dorks, ozma, pain(the band), pat the fat cat, photo class, piercings, red hair, reel big fish, rook piercings, rx bandits, sam the fat hobbit, scars, self-expression, ska, skanking, skirts over pants, sxe, taking back sunday, tattoos, the germs, the velvet underground, the violin, theperksofbeingawallflower, thursday, top cats, transcendentalism, tsunami bomb, underbites, vegetarianism, vertical labret piercings, wallflowers, wanting to be loved, warped tour, wearing polka dots, wishful thinking, wishing on stars, wishing to leave, wizard of oz, writing on walls, zoloft,
Friends:4: alkalinextrio, brandnew, fruits, veggies
Member of:4: alkalinextrio, brandnew, fruits, veggies
Account type:Free User
Date created:2004-03-16 16:35:32
Date updated:2004-03-16 17:13:05, 561 weeks ago
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Journal entries:1
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