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Below is information about the "Feminist Forum" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:feminism (261519)
Name:Feminist Forum
About:Welcome! This community is for anyone interested in feminism, gender equality, gender studies, and other related issues. Whether you're a feminist or just interested in the cause, join us for debate and discussion.

A few rules:

1) Feel free to introduce yourself, but try to bring up an issue or topic for discussion in your post.

2) Personal attacks are not allowed. If you disagree with someone, do so politely and maturely.

3) You can post advertisements for related communities and events, but anything too off-topic will be deleted.

4) Anything that might be perceived as offensive or for mature audiences only should be placed behind a cut with an appropriate warning.

5) No trolling or flame posts, or you'll be banned.

6) Do not disable comments on your post.

Please direct all questions and concerns to the moderator at, or comment at my journal, abnormalsanon.
Interests:64: 19th amendment, abortion, anti-racism, anti-rape, anti-sexism, bell hooks, birth control, bisexuality, career women, childcare, civil rights, contraceptives, cunt, custody law, daycare, debate, domestic violence, emergency contraception, equality, family, family law, feminism, feminist, gender, gender equality, gender studies, gloria steinem, grrls, homosexuality, judith butler, lesbians, lgbt issues, marriage, men, men's studies, motherhood, ob/gyn, pornography, pro choice, pro life, pro-choice, pro-life, religion, reproductive rights, riot grrl, ru-486, same-sex marriage, sex, sex education, sex positive, sexuality, simone de beauvoir, sojourner truth, take back the night, title ix, transgender, transsexual, women, women in sports, women of color, women's liberation, women's music, women's studies, women's suffrage
Members:80: 1warrior, 6panthera6, abnormalsanon, afi_re_inside, alittlemessy, anaily, angelcreak7, archaeopteryx, avalanchhe, babybud, blackcandy, casualtyoflife, certified_dork, chanson_de_vous, cky, crewfalcon, curlydramaqueen, da_vinci_eyes, demented_doll, dew1969, doctortwinkie, dreadzsummer, exiledrose, favoritemistake, figureof8, heroinefilms, her_mom_died, hollyhock, horrorofbeauty, idiocide, inkwarrior1776, insolence, ixchel, i_saw_it, jigsaw_youth, katmatz, kittykatz_909, lilc4life, manda1poo, maniacattackho, meloncholy, metal_queen, mrs_tempest, mstakenforstars, mtngrl, myzzib06, my_soapbox, neckties, nonconformist, notaprettygirlx, ohgeez007, oneemptythought, orinda, plasticwings, polyphony, popyura, priapus, pullmyhair, queensugar, raw_honey, riotbeth, roseskisses, scarsandstars, shespecies, silvertree, slackorama, solemnwalk, strangerwalking, talknerdy2me, thelonelyhuman, ulcer_breakout, vagina_friendly, wildflame, willworkforsex, xcrazyfetishx, yermom, _fantasma_, _generic, _lipstick, _retro
Watched by:51: 6panthera6, afi_re_inside, alittlemessy, angelcreak7, archaeopteryx, avalanchhe, blackcandy, blowfish, chanson_de_vous, cky, devotionaltears, dew1969, doctortwinkie, exiledrose, figureof8, harmzway, heroinefilms, hollyhock, insolence, ixchel, jigsaw_youth, kittykatz_909, lilc4life, manda1poo, maniacattackho, meloncholy, mind_rev0lution, mstakenforstars, my_soapbox, neckties, notaprettygirlx, ohgeez007, orinda, polyphony, popyura, raw_honey, roseskisses, safety_pinz, scarsandstars, shespecies, sittingstill, slackorama, solemnwalk, strangerwalking, thelonelyhuman, vertex, willworkforsex, wonder_nymph512, _fantasma_, _generic, _retro
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