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Below is information about the "Pretty Men" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:feminine_men (455075)
Name:Pretty Men
About:~This community is for people who have intrests in men who are feminine..if there's a feminine man, who you think is not known post up a picture, or write about your encounter with the feminine man.~

-The men don't have to be totally feminine but have feminine characteristics they wear make up, or tight clothes. ;]

-Don't be mad at this community just because there is a man/men you like up here.. a man being feminine is a good thing!

The community maintainer is sinisterchild

And mondo credit for helping goes to loverofjade
Interests:39: afi, black, blood red, chains, cradle of filth, dani filth, danzig, dark eye shadow, davey havok, eyeliner, foundation, glenn danzig, gray, jade puget, jay gordon, johnny depp, kurt cobain, lace, leather, lime, long hair, long nails, marilyn manson, needles, orgy, piercings, pink ties, pins, purple, satin, sharp, shiny, silver, son of sam, tattoos, the kids, the misfits, tight clothes, vinyl
Members:5: haggard_idiot, hardxcore_hate, loverofjade, sinisterchild, xintheshallowsx
Watched by:2: haggard_idiot, youre_the_bitca
Account type:Free User

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