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User:femalefrater (42730)
Bio:being in love means you are completely broken, then put back together.
the one piece that was yours is beating in your lover's breast.
she says the same thing about hers.
however, i have plans to be with you & for the first time, it is working.
& I'm proof that the heart is a risky fuel to burn. what's left after that's all gone, i hope to never learn.. but.. if you stick with me, you can help me & I'm sure we'll find new things to burn.

Memories:38 entries
Interests:26: academics, ani difranco, art, audio engineering, blind willie mctell, blues, boston, court tv, debating and forensics, depeche mode, dolly parton, downtown london, drinking creme soda, elephants, elisa sanchez, germany, photography, pompadours, reading the urantia book, southern california, the cure, the decemberists, the strokes, the white stripes, using the word psuedo, velvet goldmine
Friends:31: and_miguel, ansonbiller, bisexualism, boston_at_night, deadsy1, el_amors_ella, emotionally_raw, emo_testikals, fighter4life, gloomafire, grayskyromance, interlude_, johnownsyou, keygui, kid_disaster, killerrr, lullaby_clouds, mobbysjournal, motivateme1342, novemberprocess, oxo_dead_boy, raspberry_jam, redpaperplanes, sars_18, sassrock, snaffleburger, whoskait106, _lacking, _mallison, _____fuck, _______jody
Account type:Early Adopter

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