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User:feastonus (444265)
Name:Ninth Hell
Location:United States
AOL IM:xvelvetxblossomx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Know me for who I can be, and not for what I am,
Like me for what I think, and not for what I say.
As courageous as a lion, or as timid as lamb,
Dear shepherd above guide me not astray.

That there, is not why I am not a poet., let's just resolve this with a simple tool of procrastination, shall we?

[Under Construction]
Interests:106: abstract, acting, aim, ancient civilizations, ancient egypt, anger, art, asylums, band, bathrobes, being cynical, beyond, birthdays, black plague, blue, books, bookstores, bubble baths, bubbles, carpentering, chatting, china, classical music, classics, climbing, cold, cooking, creativity, dark ages, daydreams, disney movies, dragons, dreaming, eating, edgar allen poe, elves, english literature, exploring, fairies, fire, friends, hair, hatred, his dark materials, history, hot chocolate, ice, ice cream, individuality, insanity, insulting, jane eyre, jeans, jigs, learning, legends, libraries, losing myself, lunar, magic, marching band, middle ages, moon, mountains, movies, music, my armchair, my books, my radio, mythology, myths, nature, oboes, ocean, ohio, orchestras, peace, philosophy, poetry, rain, rants, reading, religion, role-playing, sarcasm, shopping, silence, sky, snow, snowflakes, solitude, stars, sunsets, swimming, t-shirts, talking, tea, technology, the impossible, the irish, the meaning of life, trees, waves, wonder, writing, zen
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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