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Below is user information for morph3us. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:fearanen (379607)
Location:Vigo, Spain
Bio:...donde habite el olvido
alli estara mi tumba...
Memories:1 entry
Interests:119: 12 monkeys, alice in chains, angelina jolie, aretha franklin, armorial, becquer, betelgeuse, björk, black sabbath, blackmore, blade runner, blue velvet, blues, candice night, capercaille, charles vess, conan doyle, cradle of filth, cream, danzig, dave mckean, david lynch, depeche mode, dio, djeser, doro, dream theater, edward scissorshands, evil dead saga, fairuza balk, faith no more, fear factory, flowing tears, flying-v, folk, frank miller, free, gaiman, gibson-lespaul, gibson-sg, gothic, gothic metal, greensleeves, gustave doré, gwendal, habitual suspects, haggard, hatshepsut, heavenly creatures, heavy-metal, hedningarna, helloween, hendrix, him, imhotep, janis joplin, jethro tull, jim henson, jim morrison, joel and ethan coen, john bolton, joydivision, killing joke, king diamond, klimt, kraftwerk, labirynth, lacuna coil, lunasa, marx, massive attack, michael ende, morcheeba, natalie portman, nemesis, nightwish, opeth, otis redding, patricia arquette, pearl jam, peter jackson, philosophy, pink floyd, poe, prattchet, preacher, purple, queen, rainbow, rammstein, ramones, rhythm n' blues, savatage, shakespeare, sisters of mercy, soul, soundgarden, stevie ray vaughan, susan e. hinton, the 69 eyes, the craft, the cure, the doors, the matrix, the mission uk, the smiths, the who, theatre of tragedy, thora birch, to/die/for, tori amos, trip-hop, uriah heep, valinor, whitesnake, within temptation, woody allen, yes, zeppelin
Friends:3: claim_a_guitar, finland, lesarath
Friend of:1: lesarath
Member of:2: claim_a_guitar, finland
Account type:Free User

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