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User:fakesmiles77 (502784)  
Location:martinsville, Indiana, United States
Bio:flower-Blackest rose you can find please:)
--now you see me now you dont, now you need me now you dont.......-from autumn to ashes
--my hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me, so wont you kill me, so i die happy-dasboard
--bleeding bursting myself apart-im slowly deteriorating, because you've had me from the start.---ME!!!!
--as the razor skims my skin, this curless insanity must begin, my insides are so sore, so once again-im happiness poor--ME..
Interests:68: a fire inside, alexisonfire, alkaline trio, american literature, ana, black&white pictures, bleeding, blue eyes, box car racer, bush, catholic boys:), crying, cutting, dashboard confessional, dead poetic, donnie darko, drawing, emo, evenesence, f.o.n, finch, french guys, from autumn to ashes, funeral for a friend, glassjaw, goodwill, having my way, jacks broken heart, janis joplin, killing heidi, less than jake, letters to cleo, malachi, mest, oasis, peace, psychology, ramones, reading, reel big fish, roald dahl, romeo&juliet, rufio, running, slender, smile empty soul, snow, something corporate, static lullaby, stephen king, straight edgity, strawberries, sugarcult, taking back sunday, the butterfly effect, the feeling of happiness, the get up kids, the nightmare before christmas, the starting line, the used, thrice, trustcompany, unwritten law, vendetta red, wheatus, white stripes, writing, zepplin
Friends:1: blackscorpion6
Friend of:4: blackscorpion6, blue_bella, loversrock029, unperfect1687
Account type:Free User

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