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Below is information about the "Fake it RPG" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:fake_it (134200)
Name:Fake it RPG
Website:Have you faked it today?
About:Fake it is an active and fun RPG community.

1. This is a Het-community. We discussed the option of a slash community, but decided against it.
2. No killing of characters
3. Keep it realistic
4. No OOC fights IC and vice versa
5. Keep the community journal limited to intro posts and important stuff only, no regular updates.
6. Newbies are on a two week trial, to avoid unactive Rpers
7. We have a three months rule in this community, meaning no emgagements or babies before characters dating 3 months.
8. Update at least once every two weeks, otherwise you'll be deleted. (if you are active on AIM, this rule can be stretched.
9. Enjoy yourself

To join Fake it leave a message in fake_it_admin

Sister communities:
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lan_adoption Maintainer: mumba
Interests:29: american idol, angel, avril lavigne, beyonce knowles, britney spears, bsb, buffy, celebrities, charmed, chris kirkpatrick, christina aguilera, dawsons creek, faking, good charlotte, jc chasez, joey fatone, justin timberlake, kelly clarkson, lance bass, lotr, mandy moore, nsync, otown, roleplay, rp, rpg, samantha mumba, simple plan, smallville
Members:73: 50xcent, benji__gc, billy____boyd, boombastic_brit, brianlittrell, brutalhonesty, caitlyngranger, cameraguysteve, chadgilbert, david_b, david_sp_, derek_zoolander, dr_ruth, e_p_dushku, fake_itpolice, fake_it_admin, fake_it_priest, hiimelijah, james_lancebass, jc_chasexy_, jeffxstinco, joel_, joey_fatone00, j___alba, kel___clarkson, kirsten_storms0, kramer_clare, kristina_hawaii, krisxkreuk, lavigneravril, leighanne_reena, lisha_cuthbertx, liv_tyler, longin, marsters__, matt_lovato__, mest_tonylavato, michellebranch_, miss_carlton, monaghan, moore_amanda, murphinator, nik_mckibbin, pat_, pierre_is_pimp, rachelstevens_, ricci_christina, richard_helton, ryan_starr_, sarahxgellarx, sebby_sp, shiri__appleby, taraxoxoreid, the_diddy, timbatimbalake, t_wilson_, xkate_hudsonx, xnick_carterx, xtina__dirrty, xxreesexx, x_hayden_x, _gere, _jenn_hewitt_, _johnmayer, _kh_, _laceylee_evin, _missportman_, _orlando_, _shakirrra_, _tasharay_, _tysonritter, _welling_tom, ___freddie___
Watched by:106: 50xcent, aaron_carter, ai_kimberly, american_clay, amy_acker_, amy_lee_x, avril_zilla, a__hannigan, benji__gc, boombastic_brit, brianlittrell, brutalhonesty, b_madden__gc, car_rasmusen, dancerboywade, daniel_alan, david_sp_, delirious_ryan_, dr_ruth, em_mathers111, e_p_dushku, frank_galasso, hardy_boy_jeff, hawaiian_angel, hiimelijah, hollym_combs, imbruglia_, james_lancebass, jc_chasexy_, jc_chasez101, joel_, joey_fatone00, jordana_, josh_hart, josh__gracin, julioiglesiasjr, j_rangel, karliems, kel___clarkson, kimberly_l, kirsten_storms0, kissyfur, kramer_clare, krisxkreuk, lavigneravril, leighanne_reena, lisha_cuthbertx, liv_tyler, llee_evin, longin, lovedonna, mike_striver, miss_carlton, miss_jaimelynn, monaghan, moore_amanda, murphinator, my_oh_mya, m_hardyv1, m_lillard, nickcarter_, nick__chast, pat_, penick_, rachelstevens_, regnig, richard_helton, ruben_studdard, sarahxgellarx, sebby_sp, serneholt_marie, sexy_kiki, sexy_willaxford, stevenrichards, stevexnfg, tamyra_, taraxoxoreid, tasha_lillix_, thefatone, the_diddy, tonya_mitch3ll, trentreznor2, tunkerbell, tyritter_, t_wilson_, victoria, vin_diesel_, walker_paul, x0keys0x, x0xshannonx0x, xkate_hudsonx, xmenax, xnick_carterx, xtina__dirrty, _chris_jerichox, _jesse_bradford, _johnmayer, _josh_g, _kh_, _l0pez_, _missportman_, _nicky_hilton, _orlando_, _stacykeibler_, __diaz, ___freddie___
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