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Below is user information for Goddess of the Fairies. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:fairy_goddess (406001)
Name:Goddess of the Fairies
Location:LONDON!!, United Kingdom
MSN Username:fallen angels at my feet
Bio:My life is so boring at the moment, but I guess I will fill you in anyway. You've seen pretty much most of my details anyway. Er, I was born in London. My dad was Spanish, my mum is English and Canadian. We also have Jewish, Celtic and just about everything else in our blood. My family are also deeply religious. I am the hedonist sinner of the family. I wonder if someone will show me what hell looks like, cos I wanna see where I am going to be spending eternity...

I have just left school and I am deferring my uni entry for a year, so I can work and rest for a year. I am going to have fun and leave the old world behind... I want to be a published writer after that and spend the rest of my life travelling and writing. I want to go to India for a year too.

But I will get shed of my parents pretty soon, especially once I go to Uni, I won't come back!!! Boy I love freedom! I live my life by that Bon Jovi song, "It's my life!"
Interests:88: acting, aircraft, alcoholic beverages, animals, arsenal, art, boats, brains, canada, cats, chill-out, chocolate fudge cake, climbing trees...., clubbing, computers, cooking, cute funky things, dancing, dogs, dolphins, eating out, evanescence, fairy art, fantasy, fast cars, filming my little mini-movies, ford mustangs, futurama, galleries, geeks, ghosts, going out, grapes, guitars, harry potter, hello kitty, horses, ice cream, imax, internet, jumping, karate, kitsch, leather, led zeppelin, legends, lord of the rings, making cushions, mars, miffy, movies, mulder, museums, mythology, nature, not working, ocean, photography, pianos, poetry, pubbing, queen, reading, rock music, romance, sailing, sex and the city, sheep, ships, simpsons, singing, skiing, sleeping, space, space ships, star trek, stories, stripy socks, swearing, swimming, trampoline, trances, travelling, walking, will and grace, witches, worrying, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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