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Below is information about the "The fag hags community" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:faghags (174073)  
Name:The fag hags community
About:What's a fag hag?

A fag hag is a woman who adore the compagny of homosexual males. We are from all walks of life, all classes, all ages, all races; straight, lesbian and somewhere in between. We don't have the intention to screw up their life nor turning them straight but simply enjoy their compagny .

Why do you love them so much?

We love them because they are not concerned by our youth or our beauty.Whether we are lovely or plain, they want to know our soul and the person we really are.
We love them also because they had courage to step on the stereotypes of what makes a man a "man" in society and had the courage to accept their difference.
We love them because they are lifelong and caring friends with whom we can feel as free as we wish to.

Fag hag. What a mean term!

The term 'fag hag' doesn't have to be negatively connoted. It is simply a slang term that has arisen referring to females who love the company of men-loving-men.

Who can join this community?

Anyone can join regardless of race, religion, age or sexual preference. This community is open to all, so feel free to join and post anytime!
Please treat the other members with respect and know that homophobia of any kind will not be tolerated!
Please do not use this community to post personal entries, links to porn sites, or advertisements of any kind.
When posting anyting that may be offensive, posting pictures or large entries please use the cut tag.
Thank you!
Interests:68: acceptance, advice, alternative lifestyles, alternative sexualities, alternative sexuality, anti-homophobia, anti-prejudice, anti-racism, anti-sexism, art, being bi, being bisexual, being yourself, bi, bi boys, bi curious, bi girls, bi pride, bi-pride, bi-rights, bisexual, bisexuality, bois, boys, civil rights, clubbing, coming out, curious, curiousity, equality, fag hags, fags, family, freedom, gay, gay clubs, gay community, gay pride, gay/straight alliance, gender equality, gender issues, girls, girrls, helping each other, homo, homosexual, homosexuality, hugs, individuality, kissing, lesbians, listening, listening to problems, love, loving who you want, men, peace, pride, pride parades, sex, sexual, sharing advice, shounen-ai, support, tolerance, transgender, women, yaoi
Members:17: albinoprincess, applecider7, bloodyyromance, ebony_wolf, heart_of_palm, hidyhidyhiding, jaynieshady, killermuffin, lady_greenleaf, lillipad, merciful_faggot, mishkawelis, mydarklife, myisha21, stariemichie, xdaynax, xxjustpretendxx
Watched by:8: albinoprincess, applecider7, bloodyyromance, ebony_wolf, gothicluvchild, lady_greenleaf, myisha21, xxjustpretendxx
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