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Below is user information for some people just cant hold their cyanide. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:eyeswideshutx (254552)
Name:some people just cant hold their cyanide
Location:Florida, United States
Bio:Tom: Sam!
Sam: What?!
Tom: Sam!
Sam: For fucks sake!
Tom: It's burnin', it's burnin'! My penis is on fire!!
Sam: Jesus! keep your kegs up!

favorite animal(s): badger
favorite color(s): polkadots and plaid
favorite movie(s): the adam's family, ghostbusters, lilo and stitch, finding nemo, the sweetest thing, whos that girl?, all the harry potter movies, and many more...
favorite band(s): senses fail, parkview, till friday, crambo, late night desperate, flashligh brown, the beatles, nirvana, neil finn, cheap trick, extreme, man, badge, the-wireless-stores, brandtson, aqualine, stairwell, shoe, sick shift, distance from afar,dieradiodie,late decision, a prize worth killing, count the stars, tapping the vein, the starting line, never say forever, dashboard confessional, get well soon, samiam, slow coming day, jack's broken heart, the promise ring, remember maine, no motiv, douglas, saves the day, julianna theory, weezer, agent orange, leaving neverland, no knife, blind panic, 10 easy wishes, random heroes, and many many many more...
favorite song(s): norman blake, why dont we do it in the road?, boobies and many more...
favorite actor(s): SEAN BIGGERSTAFF
favorite music:emo, punk rock n' roll, anarcho punk etc. i have many. :-)
favorite food(s): mexican, italian, linguini carbonara (trust me its not as bad as it sounds)
favorite cheese(s): parmasian
if i were trapped on a desert island what 3 items would i bring?: a guitar, cd player, a speed boat
do i only play guitar?: no i also play the fool
how long is a piece of string?...
favorite subject in school: lunch
favorite book(s): kurt cobain journals
favorite cartoon(s): rockos modern life, ren and stimpy, south park, ahhh! real monsters, daria, and beavis and butthead
Interests:36: aliens, anarcho-punk, badgers, bass guitar, being with friends, cartoons, concerts, crust punk, emo, emocore, guitar, hardcore, hardcore emo, hot topic, intellipunk, inti, melodicore, movies, oi punk, old school, peace punk, photography, pop punk, post emo, post hardcore, punk rock n' roll, salvation army, sean biggerstaff., ska, skacore, skate punk, technical punk, three-chord punk, tv, writing lyrics, youth crew
Friends:6: ballzbuddy, charcharbinx28, katie9356, pixiexgirl, safety_pin_sama, staresblankly
Friend of:9: ballzbuddy, charcharbinx28, justafriend, katie9356, piinklicious, pixiexgirl, randomatcommand, safety_pin_sama, staresblankly
Account type:Free User

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