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Below is user information for stayc. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:eyes (6316)  
Location:wilmington, Delaware, United States
AOL IM:eyelash (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:glissing (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:awwies
Jabber:da fuck

__+ info
· name; stayc
· nicknames; tayc; buttercup; babygirl; baby; princess
· location; delaware
· sex; tits; clit; + boobs
· love; single; but inlove; eddie<3
· age; illegal
· birthday; february 23rd
· sign; pisces
· occupation; home-schooled
· eyecolor; green
· haircolor; brown
· height; 5'0
· piercings; 6
· pets; one dog

· staci; you are not only my big cousin; but my friend; you are always there for me whenever i need you; thats why i know i can always count on you; i love you more than words can say; <33
· eddie; you aren't my friend; you are my love; we have been through so much shit in this past over a year; you need to know that you will always have my heart; and i love you baby; more than anything on this earth.
· meaghan; you have been my bestfriend for about 13 years; i love you girl; even though we barely talk; nothings gonna bring us apart<33
· katie; you are always here for me; and even though you live in a different state doesn't mean we can't be bestfriends; i love you girl; and don't let them petty hos; get to you; or them stupid boys mess with your heart; one day you're gonna live here; i love you doll!
· others; my lil sister kristine; my sister sheena; ashalei; my girls; leah; tina; day; dana; erica; jan; shannon; tara; Renn; briana; starr; samantha; all my others; my boys; scott; jojo; speezy; stash; and whoever i forgot<3333

_+ other journals i got, if you want any; ask; and maybe we can work something out.

___++ blurty: html, web, pinks, coward, deaf, deeper, ever, ignorant, agree, nore, aws, affect, backstabber, breast, eyeball, 76ers, internet, gullible, method, mind, male, local, juvenile, crimes, majority, dates, kidnap, prison, dvd, how, hostage, ounce, pussies, nudies, cross, gun, firm, few, extend, enemy, earn, drink, dig, defend, crew, terrorists, active, crisis, create, copy, durex, trojan, trojanenz, insult, nba, jail, confirm, msdos, xp, windows, dos, command, cloth, city, judge, case, call, born, connect, periods, period, delay, custom, lmfao, direct, duty, fact, far, fast, force, gift, hypnotize, nudes, clitoris, gram, pound, lb, idea, afraid, age, ago, aid, any, bar, minute, mob, mobb, yeh, object, swings, old, smell, bk, oreos, only, obey, plenty, pz, point, airones, past, polite, pregnant, stuckup, public, prove, pump, punish, rest, year, worry, wide, text, terrible, swear, sneaky, sneak, suspend, boogies, shortcakes, street, steam, 101dalmations, 102dalmations, stash, feind, surround, spy, so, skill, wiggle, grin, smerk, set, rub, together, threaten, trap, until, use, valley, victims, parole, po, co, cia, violate, who, weight, winamp, raped, pun, tell, 76, adderall, aim, binki, bitchez, brush, cd, curl, dell, dress, dress_up, enz, eye_shadow, eyebrow, fbi, girls, grip, italy, iverson, jayz, lay, liars, liquor, lying, mecca, mess, pacifier, piglet, pimping, pocket, pooh, porno, rings, rox, shrek, snobs, stac, stayc, tay, ten, timberland, zesty, streets, 3d, email, hackers, epill, newport, newps, gums, hacks, pw, eddie, adobe, del, list, pwl, brb, bbl, honda, civic, cornrows, twisties, de, dot, dots, cartoons, manipulated, net, http, ftp, dyke, boyfriend, drip, drop, cid, poke, dap, daps, pounds, 831, gliss, glare

___++ ujournal: 72, awe, binki, enz, lying, stayc, obey

___++ livejournal: babygirls, _eyes, allen_iverson, b0ys, babeycakes, 0rgasms, babys, betray, brokan_heart, camera_nerd, cellphone, cuntz, cykos, dicks, drops, dwelling, elmos, fairytalez, girlz, heartbreakerz, imaginations, italys, niggas, pens, pimpz, preciously, reflecti0n, rnb, sexable, shreks, smurfz, staycz, teasing, waterproof, whines, duty, glares

__+ journal
this journal is for my own pleasure, if you don't like the things i say in it, then dont read, it's that simple; follow the rules; we can get along; no ignorant comments either. thanks.

Friends:21: allcriedout, and, babyphatcat, bean, caressings, divine_love, enz, hartless, humps, in_love, kels, la_reina, peachy_, pin, quistickle, rockin_, sortaflyy, spoiledlilbrat, stayc, taintedxdreams, tremble
Friend of:13: allcriedout, bean, germs, hartless, his_infatuation, in_love, kels, la_reina, odious, ohsoshady, pin, robot_tears, spoiledlilbrat
Account type:Early Adopter

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