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Below is user information for retina darling. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:eyelid (13807)  
Name:retina darling
Location:Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
AOL IM:retina darling (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:black lagoons &silver spoons;
that's what vozhds are made of.
with paring knives
unfaithful wives
&spider bones all in a row.
Interests:150: !i brake for cigarettes, "out; damned spot!", 45 grave, [re]invention, a giant adenoid, alliteration, ampersands as nourishment, antiworld, arsenic where needed, ataraxia, awaiting silent tristero's empire, banshee choirgirls, batcave, bauhaus, being ridiculously vague, betsey johnson, black lagoons &silver spoons, black tape for a blue girl, cannibalistic good looks, cenizas, chicks on speed, chlorophyll as eyeliner, christian death, cinema strange, clara bow, clicking on floors, cocteau twins, coffee shops, coil, confiding in strangers, controlling space &time, converter, current 93, dat politics, death in june, deathrock, decadence, delusions of grandeur, diamanda galas, die form, dna as household pets, exoskeletons in teal, extravagant lies, eyes &their lids, fashionable ennui, fire &ice &everything nice, friedrich nietzsche, gitane demone, glossy glossy glossolalia, goth nazi mangoes, h.p. lovecraft, haute couture, highly improbable plot lines, homunculi, humming wires &typewriter ribbons, iron lungs, isidore ducasse, jascha heifetz, jeisa chiminazzo, kirlian camera, legendary pink dots, life as fiction, like nothing ever happened, lois mcmaster bujold, love life, margaret atwood, materialism, mediaeval baebes, metaphors mixed like cement, milk carton membranes, miranda sex garden, miss kittin, mitosis, my veins as opera singers, nazi fashion conspiracies, niccolo paganini, nina hagen, nivek ogre, not being human, not taking up space, nurse with wound, obscure literary references, oh-my-god from atheists, p.a.l, penis flytrap, philanthropophagy, philosophy for dinner, phrenology, physics comes in herds, pineal ventana, porcupine-shaped handwriting, praying mantis fingernails, pretending i'm a model, prosthetic parentheses, psychic tv, punctuation as a weapon, rasputina, retinal mist, robert anton wilson, rozz williams, sailor nothing, saucer eyes, scylla &charybdis, sex gang children, shadow project, shoe-cars with boar tusks, siouxsie and the banshees, skinny puppy, solipsism, sopor aeternus, spending your money, spider hands &tendons, spk, stairwell drama &fainting, stealing when convenient, stiletto heels, stone 588, subsisting on caffeine alone, subtonix, surrealism, sweetened with splenda, synapscape, tasteful emaciation, telephone murder melodrama, the changelings, the moon lay hidden, the phantom limbs, the soil bleeds black, the tear garden, theatrical masks on plants, thomas pynchon, thoughtful anorexia, threatening marshmallow girls, throbbing gristle, trance to the sun, transhumanism, unnecessary minotaurs, unto ashes, vague fingernail deities, vapid decadent conspiracy theory, venetian snares, victims of circumstance, victoriana, violin, vocal cords, voodoo church, vozhds, when write becomes writhe, winterkälte, x-mal deutschland
Friends:6: asphalt, oddessay, ophelia, pyrexia, virulent, __tristesse
Friend of:7: lilith_hel, oddessay, ophelia, pyrexia, thelastkiss, virulent, __tristesse
Account type:Early Adopter

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