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Below is user information for JACKIE <3. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:eyebrowz01 (95140)
Name:JACKIE <3
Website:HOtt pictures
Location:Great Neck, New York, United States
AOL IM:Eyebrowz01 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

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Interests:95: 98 degrees, american dreams, anais lameche, ashley angel, ashton kutcher, backstage, bananas, basketball, bath and body works, blue eyeliner, boston, britney spears, brittany murphy, brooklyn, brushing my teeth, california, chad michael murray, cheeseburgers, chris fedun, chris trousdale, clouds, concerts, dave ballinger, degrassi, dreamstreet, drew lachey, eminem, erik estrada, erik's bunny ears, fear factor, football, frankie galasso, frankie's eyebrows, front row, green m&ms, greg raposo, guitars, hilary duff, hot showers, hugs, icons, islands, italians, jackass, jacob underwood, jamba juice, jeff timmons, jesse mccartney, jessica simpson, joseph fiennes, jump5, justin timberlake's accent, lacrosse, laughing, limos, lipgloss, mangos, mark wahlberg, maroon 5, matt ballinger, mcgriddles, never been kissed, newlyweds, nick carter, nick lachey, o-town, one tree hill, palm trees, pina coladas, play, pumpkin pie, radio disney, roller coasters, salami sandwiches, sexy beasts, shakespeare in love, shakira, sleeping, spiderman, spongebob, stars, staying up all night, steve-o, summer, sunglasses, sunsets, superman, taco bell, temptation island, the city, the knicks, tour buses, vacations, vinny raniolo, wb studios
Friends:23: artistgirl, belleicons, bostonbandslut, brandz, craziedaze, dreamwurld, evenstaricons, fighter4life, greggyg0tback, hnybnchofoats11, innocent_kitten, lil_gr0upi3, luhv_eden, suicidal_eyes, sweetiecutie, underyourlove, wanna_fxck, wildchildx0x, xanytyme04, _icon_whores_, _kiszes_x0x, _sporty, _x0x0
Friend of:47: artistgirl, beautifulxsoul, beautiful_s0ul, belleicons, blondie_d0rkk, bostonbandslut, boybandjunkiie, chriszchick, craving_, crazyqt, d0ll_, daniellewashere, fake_nails_xx, fighter4life, flirtt, greggyg0tback, gregraposoroxxx, h0llyw0odxgerl, hardcore_icons, helplesslyfalln, hnybnchofoats11, ic0nified, innocent_kitten, isayyeah, jessiexpoo, lil_blue_hunnie, lil_gr0upi3, luhv_eden, miss_katie, p0pstar_ash, pure_craziness, shibbiix69, stellaff, strawberrybrite, sugrnspice, suicidal_eyes, sweetiecutie, sweetxbabii, trousiefan, underyourlove, wanna_fxck, x0craziichances, xanytyme04, xtrousie_topher, _independent_, _kiszes_x0x, _simplyaddicted
Member of:2: evenstaricons, glitter_rock
Account type:Early Adopter

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