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User:exhaustion (80987)  
Name:blank for now
Location:=/, Michigan, United States
Bio:h,, i will find somethign to put in here -nod-
Interests:140: a perfect circle, absurd minds, acting, addiction, adema, aerosmith, alanis morissette, alice in chains, anorexia, archiology, art, atheism, athiests, babies, beck, biology, bisexuality, black, black crowes, bulemia, bulletin boards, bush, canopys, cds, clouds, cold, crying, cuddles, cuddling, dave mathews band, deftones, depression, disorderly conduct, dolphins, drawings, eagles, early man, egyptians, emails, emptyness, expressing, extol, fall, fast cars, fiction, fire, fires, frusteration, garbage, googoo dolls, goth guys, greenday, guns and roses, guys, guys in fast cars, hanson, history, hugs, incubus, industrial, insomnia, kisses, kitties, kmfdm, knives, korn, letters, lifehouse, literature, lonely, making fires, massages, metal, metallica, micke, mortiis, movies, mp3s, msn, music, mustard plug, mutilation, nerph, night, nine inch nails, nirvana, old people, orgy, paintings, palace, panda bears, pictures, piercings, pink, platypuses, plays, poetry, poison, porch swings, psychology, punks, puppies, radiohead, rage against the machine, rain, rain clouds, red hot chilli peppers, rings, rock, roses, scooby doo, sex, shaggy guys, short stories, silverchair, skinny puppy, sloths, smashing pumpkins, sociology, soundgargen, starting fires, storms, sun rise, sun set, talking, tears, the beatles, the eagles, the monkees, the moon, the rolling stones, the verve, the vines, thunder, tongues, tool, underoath, writing, wumpscutt, yelling
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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