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Below is user information for -Isbet-. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:etish (272800)

Interests:140: 12 stones, 50cent, 8 simple rules, a stattic lullaby, aar, abercrombie and fitch, ace troubleshooter, acting, actors, adema, afi, aj mclean, all thats left, allister, american eagle, anberlin, as advertised, at the drive in, audio slave, august premier, autopilot off, backstreet boys, bands, basketball, bass, beds, beer, best interest, blindside, blink182, boys, brand new, brian littrell, britney spears, brodie, cars, celebrities, celebs, charmed, chilling, chris kirkpatrick, christina, clubs, cold, computers, crazytown, dancers, dancing, daria, deftones, demon hunter, diffuser, disturbed, dogwood, drowning pool, drums, early november, eminem, evanescence, exies, family, famous, fenix tx, finch, football, friends, fuel, further seems forever, furthermore, gc, girlband, girls, glassjaw, goldfinger, graphic design, guitars, guys, hed p.e., hockey, holland, homegrown, hoobastank, howie, ill nino, internet, jc chasez, jimmy eat world, jjb, joey fatone, junction 18, justin timberlake, keepsake, kevin richardson, kutless, lance bass, life, lifehouse, limp bizkit, linkin park, local bands, lucky 7, lucky boys confusion, mae, me without you, message boards, micky mouse club, mindless self indulgence, missy elliot, mmc, movie life, movies, mp3's, mudvayne, music, mxpx, neve, never heard of it, new amsterdams, nfg, nick carter, nsmb, nsync, o-town, orange pop, parties, pillows, pizza, preformers, punk bands, rock bands, role playing, rp, rpg, shopping, simple plan, singers, sum 41, tv shows, wade robson, web design
Friends:4: babydollcruz, kuku_ilis, sburgos9, thomas_glenn
Friend of:5: babydollcruz, devoted, kuku_ilis, sburgos9, siikaa
Account type:Free User
Date created:2003-05-28 12:06:15
Date updated:2003-09-05 15:15:36, 589 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 1.1
Journal entries:5
Comments:Posted: 41 - Received: 4

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