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Below is user information for Eternal Learner. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:eternallearner (187095)
Name:Eternal Learner
Bio:I'm a Christian
I'm a Husband
I'm a Father
I'm a Youth Pastor
I'm in the Coast Guard
I'm a Boxing Promoter

I've done much in my life.. come into my world.. add me as a friend and I'll probably add you back.

I'm not a judge
I'm not perfect
I'm not better than
I'm not someone who forces my beliefs on others.

I'm the worst of sinners.. but a sinner who was saved by the unmerited grace of God, through faith in Christ.

~waves to all his blurty friends~

Hs. Eternal Learner

Interests:143: 50s, 7up, absolute truth, accountability, adidas, adidas fetish, almonds, amusement parks, apologetics, b-boys, b-girls, baseball, baseball cards, baseball hats, beatles, being held, being kissed, being married, being playful, being real, bible, big cities, billy joel, blurty friends, boxing, boxing promotion, breakdancing, broadway, broadway shows, c.s. lewis, candid camera, candles, cats, chat, christ, christian doctrine, christian rap, christianity, cirque du soleil, coast guard, coca cola, conservatives, deep conversations, deliverance, desire, dick's cheeseburgers, discipline, doo wop, down comforters, down pillows, dreams, driving fast, early 80's cartoons, ebay, elton john, eternity, exploring, family, fatherhood, forgiveness, friends, getting inside, glimpses, god, grace, hank hanegraaff, hiphop, holy spirit, homies, honesty, hope, improv, improvisation, inspiration, intellectual conversations, intimacy, jesus, kj52, late 70's cartoons, learning, letting go, love, mangoes, married sex, maturity, mercy, monty python, movies, nationstates, new friends, new york, new york yankees, norman geisler, old books, old school, oldies, online games, parenting, passion, peace, people, pink floyd, playing to win, poetry, pouring out my soul, practical jokes, prayer, procrastinating, quick wit, racquetball, reconciliation, recovery, republican, road trips, salvation, scavenger hunts, sci-fi, seattle, seinfeld, sharp tongues, shrimp scampi, sleeping naked, snuggling, stargate, strongbad, struggle, sweet science, taking chances, teaching, the 80's, the bible, theatre, theology, thinkers, thirty somethings, traveling, utopia, video games, walter martin, wordplay, yankees, youth groups, youth ministry
Friends:35: bibleapologist, biblestudy, b_c_s, colleensamantha, creationofclay, crzymlsa4evr, ephesians616, hisglory, jadedgaze, jeshibouncyball, lonewolf, lornadoone, nationstates, newhampshire, newmercies, philoseeker, pictureyellow, satirical, savedbygrace, saygoodbye, shaylbk, silent_calixte, simplysexy, skittles817, sparklingerin, spies, starry_id_srprs, sweetmegs, thatkissedgirl, thistleberry, tinkerbellmandy, tinobambino, trisha817, wingsofpaper, xxtoxicxpunkxx
Friend of:25: bellerain, bibleapologist, crzymlsa4evr, hisglory, jadedgaze, jeshibouncyball, kisshighheaven, lonewolf, lornadoone, philoseeker, savedbygrace, saygoodbye, silent_calixte, solshine702, sparklingerin, stunning_rei, sweetmegs, thatkissedgirl, thistleberry, tinkerbellmandy, tinobambino, velvetsunsets, wingsofpaper, xxtoxicxpunkxx, x_instantkarma
Member of:15: biblestudy, b_c_s, christianwriter, ephesians616, fhqwhgads, memes, nationstates, parenting, pictures, seinfeldfans, strongbadrocks, survey, surveyjunkies, sur_veys, us_military
Account type:Early Adopter

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