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User:etchedinfrost (144979)
Location:United States
AOL IM:YamiNoValkyrie (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:...I've decided to just copy and paste the bio from my DJ onto here. It's easier that way.

So, here. know what? Why am I even bothing to type this? It's nothing really.. Only complete strangers who want to know about my life..oh well.

My name's Kat. I'm 15, and I live in MI. You know, the place where you see all four seasons in one day. Reality has proven itself to be a living hell, complete with phsycho parents, non-caring/boring teachers, stupid peers, dog attacks, and all sorts of stuff. Chances are, if you are a closed minded ass, I will not like you. It's hard for me to like someone.

But, there are some perks to life I guess. One of them happens to be anime, which has given me motivation to live, and feeds my inspiration. The other is just random things. Oh yeah..and video games. Let's not forget video games. (Final Fantasy..) Tae Kwon Do is good too..

Let me see..other stuff.. Okay, I'm a writer on Don't bother reading any of my stuff if you're a homophobe, because most of it is yaoi. Yes, read my lips. Y-A-O-I. I really enjoy writing, but most of my stories are down for editing. I despise Mary Sues.

If you are a Mary Sue author, who has come upon this journal to flame me, I suggest you back off. Before I get angry and decide to let you have it. I'll warn you ahead of time, my reactions to certain things are not pleasant.

Anyways..That's about it. Or, at least that's all I feel you need to know. Maybe you know too much now. Anyway...

Remember people, yaoi is a good thing.


PS: I am a Naruto freak. If anyone wants to rp that series with me, IM me.
Interests:78: ancient egypt, anime, anti-mary sue, ccs, chobits, clamp, cowboy bebop, daggers, dark beauty, death, dir en grey, doujinshi, drawing, dreams, dvds, fighting, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, flame war, fushigi yuugi, g-gundam, gravitation, gto, gundam wing, honda hiroto, inuyasha, itachi, jounouchi katsuya, kakashi/iruka, kazuhi hikura, legends, magic, maho tsukai tai, malik, mariku, mars, megami kouhosei, naruto, noa kaiba, norse mythology, otogi, outlaw star, past lives, pilot candidate, punk rock, ranma 1/2, rayearth, rioroute, roleplay, rp, ryouji otogi, saber marionette j, sadness, seto kaiba, slayers, tae kwon do, trigun, vampire hunter d, vash, video games, wish, writing, x-japan, x/1999, yami, yami bakura, yami yugi, yaoi, yaoi doujinshi, yu hikura, yu yu hakusho, yu-gi-oh, yugi, yugioh season 1, yuki eiri, yuri, zack/cloud, zax/cloud
Friends:6: mastermalik, saveme, seiyaryu, serialjoe88, yamimalik, yuugi
Friend of:5: death_omega, mastermalik, seiyaryu, yamimalik, yuugi
Account type:Early Adopter

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