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User:erykah17 (188602)
Location:Maine, United States
Bio: I cût myself tºdÄy tó see íf i stíll feel,
I fócus øn the pªíñ the oñly thÄts reªl~*

if you don't want to hear me, don't be around me when i speak.

( MY BACKGROUND···) ..Erica-Anela-Oliveira is my name. i'm the youngest child of 6;( i have 3 half sisters 1 living in maine others live in Hawaii [Kristi, Darlyn Tiffany, in their 30s] + 2 brothers one half [Matt,late 20s, John,18]. my mom's can be a bitch to me most of the time, other than that i get what i usually want. Her boyfriend Tom does anything i tell him; who are soon to be married in the next year or so + my dad got married for the 3rd tyme to Jenifier on 5-10-03. I go to HHS i hate school. I only like the people, and sports. I do Field Hockey and Cheerleading. ;] i'm a VERY social person + unless you completly piss me off then I oubviously WONT talk to you. I have MANY friends. Right now im just staying single and lookin around for that certain someone.. maybe ill find someone soon.. ya never know. ;-)

( MY PERSONALiTY···) i don't need a fuckinq quiz to tell me who i am, what i believe, or why i act the way i do. + my name certainly has jackshit to do with it, as well. so...who is erica? hrm...she's a bitch, definitely.otherwise...i'm a Loser, yet with many freinds and liked my lots. Who ever doesnt like me. Then FUCK U! and i dont give a ratsass if u dont!.. i'm also addicted to sunkist; i lauqh randomly every 20 minutes + i cry very often...i scream + tend to throw things randomly. i'm addicted to knives, matches, FIRE,& WEED.. addicted to it only mentaly haha. + i like to act like a kid, but i think of others who do the same as immature. + until i turn 18, i will act as childish as i please. ;] I usualy act differnt when im out in public with people im not comfortable with yet. I get yelled at by my best freinds often 2. So i bitch back at them.. Im a person who doesnt usualy stick up for themself. But i will stick up for the people around me that i love. If I was to get into a physical fight with someone or walk away, i would chose to fight becuase thats the way i am. althouqh my lack of concern for others + my willinqness to brinq someone to tears could be the result of low self-esteem... Im a very self-conscious person + Im most deff NOT satisfied with the person i've become .

( MY APPEARANCE···) i'm often referred to many things 'beautiful', "ugly" 'attractive', etc. I have light brown hair; very big dark brown eyes . i'm 5'1 and a half. + i use to have braces but got them off 4-1-03... I have 2 sets of holes in each ear-cartilage-belly button-eyebrow-and-tongue pirced I am ONLY 15 years old and a freshman at Hermon High. Everyone thinks that im older than i really am. I also act much older than any regular 15 year old gurl should. + i have glasses but i never wear them.. i dress in what i feel like. What makes me feel comfortable approaching others. i usually wear jeans from AE and whatever shirt is hung in my closet (babyphat, ecko red, a&f, Roxy, AE, GAP, wetSeal, billibong, ect.). i'm seldom ever found without my pink cross necklace that my mum bought for me durring the summer.

( MY FRiEND/SHiPS···) i have many friends.. and im thankful for them at well. there are so many things about my freinds that i like. yet there are many things about my freinds that i dislike..
Lacey Rudge & Amanda Bragg-other BFFs
i'd name them all + say millions of nice thinqs about them, but...they know i'm not that type. so...if yur readinq this + i like you, props. -raises fist-

( MY RELATiONSHiP···) god me and relationships.. what the hell is there to say.. nothing really.. I never have good luck with people. I only have one really good relationship, and I messed that up. I always remember feeling horrible after he would telll me rude remarks and tell me to get over him.. :( depressing... At the time right now, i just ended a relationship. Tanya-Jean-Hayson.. 10-9-03..i thought that it was the best day ever..apperently i thought wrong. Tanya and I have broken up and gone back out so many times to count. she ment the fucking world to me.. She always has and always will.. its prolly only a matter of time until we get back much as it hurts me to say this, i honestly dont want to get back together with her.. even thought shes head over heals for me, theres just something about her that i KNOW will not do me right.. Right now im with nobody... but I have a few people in mind.. only if they knew.. and yet im the ONLY one who knows haha..

( MY MUSiC···) anything that will make me cry..
i LOVE *EMO* + . my faves at the moment would be chevelle, Slipknot, dashboard confessional, korn, the the used, lil jon and the eastiside bois, chingy, 50cent, , Missy elliot, Ashanti, avril, 2-pac, aaliyah, , p-diddy, kc&jojo, Beyonce, Bizzy Bones, Eve, fabolous, Genuwine, Frankie J, iMx, Pharell, Lil Kim, Lumdiee, Mariah Carey, Nappy roots, Nelly, Nievia, , saves the day, something corperate, JoJo, Kelly Clarkson, Ashlee Simpson, Linkin park, Hillary Duff, etc + Most of all

( MY JOURNAL···) it's not open the the public.. im not just going to let NE ol' person reading about my thoughts, feelings and emotions.. If u are one of my freinds then SURE illl add u to my freinds list.. but follow the rules.. frist add me.. then comment.. ill add u back. u have to AT LEAST comment once a week. im not seeing much commenting so im getting pissed! .. and one more thing

What Teenagers Need Most

Unconditional love. Without it, a teenager cannot develop a sense of trust, self-worth, or confidence.

Space. Teenagers need room to grow, to think, to learn, to make mistakes. They develop confidence when they're allowed to "fly solo."

Friends. Friends help in the transition from the home to the outside world. They offer comfort, safety, and empathy.

Limits. Every teenager needs limits to learn how to function in the real world. Rules also provide a base and security.

Adults. Teens need a role model who is accessible and understanding -- someone to turn to when the going gets rough. This person could be a parent, another relative, a teacher, a school counselor, or a religious leader.

Always feeling so alone, so forgotten, so ignored, like no one cares. Always want to cry and die, why would they care? Seems like no one notices me. Anyway, life doesn't matter much anymore.

Faint scars ran alone, in pairs or groups, up and down, across and diagonal over her skin. Long and short, shallow and deep, dark and light; each told a different story. Today she was showing all her hurt and hate.

2 web sites..

I want to thank mah gurl Chelsea for helping me with my new layout.. I LOVE YOU IBBY!!!
thanks again babes your awesome! -XoXo-
Interests:46: aim, aol, art, being alone, bleeding, boys, cameras, colleen, computer, coricidin, crying, cuddling, cutting, depression, drugs, emo, erica, friends, girls, kissing, lonely, marliyn monroe, mental disorders, messing around, music, obsessing, petite girls, phone, photography, pink, poetry, rain, razors, reading, scrapbooks, scratches, self-abuse, self-hatred, self-mutilation, sex, smoking, starvation, water, weed, working out, writing
Friends:41: 0xsiobhanx0, 97qitebiterbing, andcomewhatmay, babitink143, brat2eae, brie16, dontstopdabeat5, drugfreaks, emiixisxbackk, emily_lynn, endfalthngs2cum, iluvgc17, imperfecttense, imslowlydying, jessielynn220, kaycie15, kayciekay15, laurenzox34x, lost_soxol09, luv_me_baby_15, morningstar142, murderxdiaries, mustangcrazyv8, neverletgox54, nummieful, qtjaim, rottencherries, rubberduckie23, sexyshortone32, storyoftheyear, woozle21, xbabigirl1157x, xbabyboix, xbaby_phatxo6, xcaitlinx8, xcrazy_in_lovex, xcrushedsoulx, xhannahkae, xkerixlynnx, xmashleyd515nx, xmiamixbebex
Friend of:38: 0xsiobhanx0, 97qitebiterbing, andcomewhatmay, babitink143, blondexinside, brat2eae, brie16, brokeninside90, dontstopdabeat5, emiixisxbackk, emily_lynn, endfalthngs2cum, iluvgc17, imperfecttense, jessielynn220, kaycie15, kayciekay15, laurenzox34x, lost_soxol09, luv_me_baby_15, murderxdiaries, neverletgox54, qtjaim, rottencherries, sexyshortone32, storyoftheyear, treeceebabe10, woozle21, xbabigirl1157x, xbabyboix, xbaby_phatxo6, xcaitlinx8, xcrazy_in_lovex, xcrushedsoulx, xhannahkae, xkerixlynnx, xmashleyd515nx, xmiamixbebex
Member of:11: christina_fans, crazii_4_ic0nz, cutmeintopieces, cutters_anon, design_wonder, emolyrics, layoutwhore, rainb0w_l0ve, sextips, spirit_stickz, _thisperfctface
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