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User:erinbenny (263810)
Name:erin b
Location:muncie, Indiana, United States
AOL IM:erinbenny (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:hi there!

it's me, erin b. @ good ole ball state university in muncie, indiana! and just in case ya don't know me... here's some fun facts my friends came up w/:

1). i don't know how to tie my shoes. never have, never will.
2). i've eaten chinese dinner w/ lisa loeb.
3). i sometimes snort when i laugh. yes, weird and very 80's tv show-like, but i can't help it.
4). i went to applebee's w/ screech powers last year.
5). in any and all eating competitions, i will prevail. don't believe me?! you're on.
6). i peed on my driveway once.
7). when i was a kid, i was in love with boy george. and by "when i was a kid", i mean when i was in eighth grade.
8). i sucked my thumb until i was in fourth grade. ok maybe fifth. but only when i was tired.
9). i once sent out ten resume's with the following information, "i am currently a sophomore telecommications major, minoring in PUBIC relations." crap.
10). i'd pick rain over sunshine ANY day.
11). my fave food is peanut butter sandwiches.
12). i'm a hardcore, cut-throat, diehard BOOKWORM.
13). i used to drink syrup on my ma's toilet seat every morning when the babysitter came.
14). i once peed on a toilet seat to become a member of a so-called "gang," thus implementing the nickname, "gully."
15). olive garden makes me vom.

alright, that's all the champs could come up w/... if you think of more, let me know... maybe i'll humor you and add a few.

anyways... wanna know more? im me... i'm almost ALWAYS on aim: erinbenny!

that's about it... until then, love God. rock hard. and drink milk.
Interests:26: anything!, ball state, bibles, books, caedmon's call, christianity, counting crows, exercising, firemen, food, friends, god, indiana, jesus, john eldredge, john piper, kids, lifehouse, max lucado, movies, music, reading, stories!, swimming, switchfoot, writing
Friends:2: jpuzzle, summs
Friend of:2: jpuzzle, summs
Account type:Free User

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