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User:erin828 (286610)
Location:nowhere special, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:Babydoll5916 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hey! Herez a lil bit about me...
B-Day~August 28
Hair~LiL longer than shoulder length..blondie!
Height~about 5'6~5'7

The last thing that I need is somebody like you, to push me around and tell me what to do. I know theres a time and a place where you can call the shots, but Its not here.

Tell me what you thought about when you were gone, and so alone. The worst is over. You can have the best of me. We got older, but were still young. We never grew out of this feeling that we wont give up.
Starting Line-Best of Me

Start the show. Here we go. Jumping in the crowd. Weve gotta tear this building down. The cops show up, as usual, and try to ruin our fun. Its time to show em all just how its done.
Gonna have a teenage riot. Theyll never understand what its like to be a kid today. Gonna have a teenage riot. Lets blow em all away.
Ataris-Teenage Riot

See all those people on the ground, wasting time. I try to hold it all inside, but just for tonight. On top of the world, sitting here wishing, the things Ive become. But something is missing. Maybe I...but what do I know?
...Without it all, Im choking on nothing. Its clear in my head that Im screaming for something. Knowing nothing is better than knowing at all. On My Own.
The used-On My Own.

Motivate me. I wanna get myself out of this bed. Captivate me. I want good thoughts inside of my head. If I fall down, would you come around, and pick me right up off the ground?
GC-Motivation Proclamation

Which would you prefer? My finger on the trigger or, me face down, down across your floor?
And will you tell all your friends, youve got your gun to my head? This song was only wishful thinkin....
Tbs-Cute Without the E

Some say that time changes. Best friends can become strangers. I dont want that, no not for you. If you just stay with me, we can make it through. So here we are again. Same old argument. Now im wondering if things will ever change. When will you laugh again? Laugh like you did back then. Make noise till 3 am and the neighbors would complain..
All the things we talked about, you know they stay on my mind. And all the things we laughed about, theyll bring us through it everyt ime. After time, after time.
GC-Say Anything

Hey dad, look at me. Think back and talk to me. Did I grow up according to plan? And do you think Im wasting my time, doing things I wanna do? But it hurts when you disapprove all along. And now I try hard to make it. I just wanna make you proud. Im never gonna be good enough for you. You cant stand that Im alright. And you cant change me. Cuz we lost it all..Nothing lasts forever..Im sorry, I cant be perfect. Now Its just too late, and we cant go back. Im sorry, I cant be perfect.
I try not to think about the pain I feel inside. Do you know you used to be my hero? All those days you spent with me now seem so far away. And it feels like you dont care anymore...
Simple Plan-Perfect
Interests:53: afi, all american rejects, all things rock, allister, amc 20, ataris, ballet, benji and joel, blink 182, bowling for soup, boxcar racer, brand new, camp dearborn, chevelle, cold, dance, dashboard confessional, finch, flowers, friends, gob, good charlotte, green day, guys, hot topic, incubus, jimmy eat world, konstantine, less than jake, linkin park, love, midtown, movielife, mxpx, new found glory, no doubt, pacsun, papa roach, parties, plain white t's, rufio, shopping, simple plan, something corporate, sugarcult, sum 41, taking back sunday, the starting line, the used, thursday, trust co, unwritten law, wheatus
Friends:7: 68_oweya_1, buddyoda, crazyflirt432, cutenkrazymeg, elmothescooter, erin828, kat817
Friend of:4: erin828, italiansweetie9, lisa1229, volleystarrmlj
Account type:Free User

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