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User:empyreal (86419)
Website:Nibble Nibble?
Location:Insanity, Illinois, United States
AOL IM:AuraofMystery (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:aura_of_dragons (Add User, Send Message)


This is my personal journal, and while I do belong to several official Blurty teams and communities, that does not mean I want my own journal filled with requests for support or layout help. That is the reason I have chosen to make my journal friends only. Any posts made in regard to that which was mentioned above is reason enough for me to pick through your journal with a fine toothed comb in search of ToS violations. I might not be able to suspend you, but I do know people who can.
With that in mind, if you are looking for assistance go to Support
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Will Josh Adam

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"Cycling is a sport, not a way of life."

Author: dave_rainbowDave


The Blackbird's Secret Song

In the afternoon where the tree leans over
The ancient wall and the eternal stream
I stand beneath the branch that bears the blackbird
Three feet below his form, as he sings.

How he fluffs up his feathers in his pride;
What a voice has he been given!
Does he sing because he can?
Does he sing because he's driven?

Mother sees, and knowing more
Comes to point out what is hidden;
In a denser tree nearby
Is the one to whom he's given.

Though she lacks his splendid beak
And behaves herself quite dowdy,
She looks on with longing eye
On her spouse, who is more rowdy.

Does he sing because he can?
Does he sing out of some ancient sense?
Now I know the blackbirds song -
Her pride in his magnificence.


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Date created:2003-02-03 14:40:17
Date updated:2013-04-27 04:11:42, 86 weeks ago
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