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User:emptyvision (96022)
Name:Rachel Rock
Website:my last journal
Location:cranston, Rhode Island, United States
AOL IM:lilskankinrussel (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm a writer, so I write those long entries. I dont see the point in holding back, and since I use up my energy at poetry slams, I see no use in keeping a journal to entertain you.

class of 2004, hoping to eventually leave rhodeisland and do something productive.

Im an Aquarius with a rising in Gemini and a moon in Pisces.
I'm bi-racial, and one tiny individual who likes to write, dance, smoke pot, and study astrology.

Interests:90: accents, afi, amelie, ani difranco, aquabats, aquarius, astrology, atmosphere, beagles, beeforoni, bill maur, billie holiday, bjork, blackalicious, bob marley, boxing, bright eyes, brother ali, cats, chicago, coheed and cambria, dancing, denali, dj tommiegunn, dj venom, dreadlocks, gemini, get up kids, grand buffet, hamlet, hockey, hurricanes, incubus, joan osbourne, joy division, juno reactor, ketamine, le tigre, madness, mazzy star, miles davis, modest mouse, muse, nirvana, oasis, our lady peace, parties, pearl jam, pisces, pixies, placebo, poetry, pot, public enemy, quebec, qwel, radiohead, ramones, rancid, raves, river city rebels, rocksteady, romeo and juliet, sage francis, shrooms, simply jeff, singing, ska, slam, slug, smashing pumpkins, softball, sole, special k, spokenword, talib kweli, techno, thayer street, the rapture, the roots, the specials, the walkmen, toes, tori amos, tupac, typical cats, underground hip hop, varukers, weddings, writing
Friends:31: abyss_ofthe_gap, adognamedbob, anitapitabread, athenarock, brickshithouse, brotherjacob, caramel83, cobain_x_mortis, confuzzledsmurf, debatereligion, drugfreaks, expresschange, fishnetsncandy, flitterflutter, fuckthestars, glamourbombs, godlovesugly, gr8tspacelizard, harmonicsuicide, lalagirl, newkillerstar, opportuneport, party_kids, pentlandfirth, runnynose, slurpee, soukdao, swt510punk, talk_show_hosts, yeti_herd, _trance_nation_
Friend of:16: adognamedbob, anitapitabread, athenarock, brotherjacob, caramel83, cobain_x_mortis, colorado9, confuzzledsmurf, flitterflutter, godlovesugly, lalagirl, newkillerstar, opportuneport, pentlandfirth, willimas51, yeti_herd
Member of:41: absolute_oasis, acidsister, anglophilia, ani_difranco, body_mod, body_mods, borderline, brickshithouse, buddhists, courtney_did_it, cunt_conscious, dead_rockstar, debatereligion, dreamwork, drugfreaks, egl, emomixtape, emo_kids, glamourbombs, glitterpixies, iloveska, indierock, lovehurts, movie_dorks, party_kids, pettygirls, psychology, quizzrz, random_madness, rudies, shatteredstars, talk_show_hosts, thebizarre, thecoffeehouse, thesatire, the_blue_marble, the_romantic, wordgetsaround, words, _braceletxwh0re, _trance_nation_
Account type:Early Adopter

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