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Below is user information for OldManMann. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:emptymush (421398)
Location:Greensboro/Naples, North Carolina, United States
AOL IM:emptymush (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm just me. Dwelling in utter infinity, sometimes stepping out of time, into that silver lining between paradoxes and just being here for everyone of you. I'm learning and being, really being on that crisp trip as much as i can, i've had my taste of an assortment of various flavored trips and now i've had my fill. I'm preparing for that infinite trip, the one after life, however indoing so i'm am living fully. There isn't much that i can say except i consider myself a poet someday a poet/mc. We'll see. I love writing in all it's forms and information is key. Enlightnement is staring you in the face and what can you do, either sleep or wake up, become lucid in the dream called life. Your choice, i'm no leader, i just float along to the rhythms carried by elastic synapses on the contour of my spine. All of this is equally arbitrary and i recomend deep thinking, or no thoughts at all, mindfulness or mindlessness, 2 sides of the same coin. I came into this world, born here, born high, from between my earth mothers thighs, and i am just the herb of existence, rolled up nice and tight, placed between the lips of fate, inhaled upon the lungs of time, and exhaled through the nostrils of reality. I've always wanted to get a job when i'm old as a guy that they send through a worm-hole(or a rabbit hole) to see what lay on the other side. I'm sorry if this is confusing. I used to eat purple ringers incessantly and found myself viewing my reality from the perspective of an old man, and i figure that when i grow old, the neighborhood kids will all say, look there's old man mann. And to end with a quote: We're all in this together and we love to take a bath"
Interests:58: 311, alex grey, alice in wonderland, aliens, american beauty, ancient, animatrix, art, buddhism, civilizations, didgeridoo, djembe, doors, empty mush, enlightenment, ephemerality, etc., finding forester, forest for the trees, fractals, frequnceis, futurama, gnosticism, god, grateful dead, greensboro north carolina, high, humanity, life as a house, light, lucid, lucid dreaming, lucidity, matrix, music, outkast, philosophy, phish, poet, poetry, psychology, quantum theory, reality, sex, simpsons, sleep, social reform, soul, string cheese incident, sublime, supreme reality, theosophy, transpersonal psychology, waking life, women, yoga, zen, zen buddhism
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:2: foolish_minus, stacey_w
Account type:Free User

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