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User:emotion_is_dead (12541)
Name:please, arsonist, ATTACK !
Location:hamden, Connecticut, United States

dear book, this is another day in my life.
a life is like a book. a book is like a box.
a box has six sides. inside and outside,
so, how do you get to what's inside?
how do you get what's inside, out?
once upon a time, there lived a very
pretty girl, who lived in a beautiful box,
and everybody loved her.


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Interests:75: !!!, 1960's, add n to (x), andrew de furgalski, andy warhol, audrey tautou, belle & sebastian, blonde redhead, bratmobile, chicks on speed, clientele, dandy warhols, dimitri from paris, elephant six, elf power, elysian fields, everything kathleen hanna, felix da housecat, fischerspooner, francoise hardy, godspeed you! black emperor, gravy train!!!!, guided by voices, interpol, jackie o, jesus and mary chain, julie ruin, ladytron, le shok, le tigre, melt-banana, mirah, múm, neutral milk hotel, new york dolls, of montreal, patsy cline, peaches, photography, slade, sleater-kinney, snow patrol, songs:ohia, sonic youth, spice girls, stereo total, stereolab, storytelling, teenage fanclub, the arthur musical, the black heart procession, the dears, the gossip, the locust, the london suede, the magnetic fields, the makeup, the mars volta, the mysterious poufs, the og panty complex, the olivia tremor control, the pen15 club, the pixies, the psychadelic furs, the raveonettes, the softies, the velvet underground, the vibrators, twiggy, ultra vivid scene, xbxrx, xiu xiu, yann tiersen, ye-ye, yeah yeah yeahs
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