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Below is information about the "EmoMart" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:emomart (138881)
Website:EmoMart Feedback
Location:United States
About:Is your room cluttered up with old CDs, posters, clothes, and other stuff you don't want?

Are you in desperate need of money or new stuff?

If so, this is the place for you! Give your old stuff a good new home, or provide a home for someone's oldies!

1) The owner of this community is NOT responsible for trades that fall through. While I hope that everyone here will be honest and positive, that isn't always the case. However, there will be a feedback page for you to provide feedback on users and their trade habits, and if someone gets a certain amount of negative feedback they will be banned from the community.

2) Please stay on topic. This includes:
[x] posting lists of things you want to trade
[x] posting lists of things you want
[x] updating people as to the status of a trade or package
[x] links to auctions - NOTE: it is preferred that you post lists of things you have, rather than links to auctions, so if you do post auctions, please do so in moderation.

It does NOT include:
[x] plugging your own community or journal
[x] entries about your day / off topic posts

3) Please put long lists / pictures / entries with trade updates behind a cut tag.

4) No homophobic, racist, sexist, or any other negative comments.

5) Respect other members of the community. If you don't like their items or their interests, etc, that's fine. Ignore them. No bitchiness.

6) If you want to give feedback for someone after a trade, please email me the following with "Emo Mart Feedback" as the subject of the email:

[x] Your Blurty Name
[x] Their Blurty Name
[x] Item(s) Traded / Sold
[x] Feedback (positive / neutral / negative)
[x] Reason For Feedback

7) Please do not post your personal information here. When you work out the details of a trade with someone, please ask them to email you for it and give them your email address. If you post your mailing address here, the post will be deleted. This is for everyone's personal safety.

Enjoy kids!

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