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Below is user information for .:+:.The Hero Dies In This One.:+:.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:emoeyez (485001)
Name:.:+:.The Hero Dies In This One.:+:.
Location:Glendale, Arizona, United States
Bio:i am me.....if u dont like shit

I've come to my senses,
That I've become senseless,
I could give you lessons on how to ruin your friendships,
Every last conviction, I smoked them all away,
I drank my frustrations down the drain, out of the way,
So I sit and wait and wonder,
" Does anyone else feel like me?"
Someone so tired of their routines and disappearing self-esteems,

aim screen name= xgluemyhartx
Interests:104: adverse standpool, and many many more, arrowsmith, authority zero, bad religion, blink132, box car racer, boy sets fire, brand new, bright eyes, brodie, chevelle, coldplaydropkick murphys, copper and stars, corse of nature, count the stars, crazy town, creed, eminem, family, filter, finch, flaw, from autum to ashes, fuel, further seems forever, garbagegoo goo dolls, girlband, good charlotte, greenday, hollywood ending, hubastank, incubus, jimmy eat world, keepsake, kilk, korn, kotton mouth kings, larger then life, lifehouse, limb bizket, linkin park, lit, lost but not forgotten, ludacris, madanna, maralin manson(some), maralin monroe, michelle branch, midtown, modest mouse, mugshot, mxpx, nearmiss, new found glory, nickleback, nirvana, no doubt, nobody wins, nofx, northstar, nrc, off my one, pantera, pink, pink floyd, placebo, powerman 5000, puddle of mudd, radiohead, rancid, reel big fish, riddlin' kids, rocking horse winner, runner up, saliva, saves the day, simple plan, sir mix alot, small brown bike, something corparate, starting line, streets to nowhere, sugarcult, sum41, sundays best, system of a down, tantric, the ataris, the distillers, the early november, the format, the julian theory, the mighty mighty bostones, the no names, the ramones, the unseen, the vines, thuresday, tonic, tony braxton, tool, train, trapt
Friends:12: ataris_music, charmskolreject, iceman316, i_deserve_this, lifeordeath, rian4658, skiessoblue21, smilesnstyles, surveysluts, ucmary, value_village, whycut
Account type:Free User

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