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User:emilss (20947)
Location:durbs, K-ZN, South Africa
Interests:122: 330, 5fm, afrikaans, alanis morissette, animals, astrology, bafana bafana, bees, bend it like beckham, biltong, boerewors, boks, braais, bracelets, bump, button, cape town, cartoon network, cds, christina aguilera, civilisation, classics, colours, computers, concerts, cricket, criminology, daiseys, depression, durban, eightballs, enya, felicity, flowers, forums, gabrielle, gaming, gauteng, gay rights, ginny owens, glass, grand prix racing, greece, greek culture, grim and evil, hail, hansie cronjé, hockey, italy, jellybeans, johannesburg, jonty rhodes, justin timberlake, kalahari, knysna, kruger national park, kzn, ladysmith, lavalamps, lego, love, magic8ball, mail, mclaren, middle eastern culture, montoya, movies, mp3s, mtv, music, my silent undoing, n1, namaqualand, nelson mandela, networking, nougat, paint ball, paper, photography, poetry, port elizabeth, potatoes, powerpuff girls, proteas, proudly south african, psychology, raikkonen, rain, rainbow nation, rugby, running, sea, seal, shaun pollock, showers, sleeping, snow, soccer, socks, south africa, springboks, stationary, stellenbosch, stevie nicks, sting, sunflowers, sunshine, swimming, swivel chairs, table mountain, tafelberg, tea, teddy-bears, tori amos, tracy chapman, wasting away, water, watersports, writing, xhosa, yebo, zulu
Friends:31: afadingvoice, allender, angrymoth, called2write, confection, cramretsof, crazy_birdlady, epic, esthermaria, evalia, incompleteraven, jamie_adhd, jan168301, jinroo, laconic, mandymania, odwallabu, possiblysomeone, precious_things, psychotica_, rain0rshine, roxyratalie, skeletonwannabe, south_africa, starascent, taintedemotions, thebroken, tre, unattatch, xbridgetx, x_glass_heart
Account type:Early Adopter

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