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User:embracedinfog (439939)
Name:Ophelia Marley
Bio:My existence is one that is embraced in fog, all too often restraining, frightening, and morbid. But with the veil comes mystery, a characteristic of my life that I will always treasure.

I try so desperately to begin a journal where my friends will not find me, where I can find seclusion and peace. This will be my third attempt, and hopefully... my last.

I wish to be a stranger, an anonymous sinner, a prideful woman with confidence. I feel that I must confess my secrets, avoid the mundane, and to speak of what is truly on my mind, but I am a coward. Unfortunately, because I've made another attempt, elsewhere, it's entirely possible that I will be recognized here as well. If you recognize me, please do not bring this to my attention.

I will not say where or who I am, simply because I seek refuge from those who know me.
Interests:18: atlantis, authoring, bisexuality, bookcrossing, composing, fantasy, heathens, jan siegel, lesbianism, nature, pansexuality, polyamory, psychology, roman history, romans, science fiction, secrets, vintage erotica
Friends:6: intothedepths, jacquesdubois, mister_e, nextproblem, thecitymorgue, thegoodgurl2
Account type:Free User

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