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User:embem (230422)
Website:My Live Journal
Location:BlAh, Texas, United States
AOL IM:embemthefrisk (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:help!!!!!!! im lost!

OW OW!!!!!!! i got a live journal.

if you want me to add you too my interests comment, and i will.
Memories:2 entries
Interests:111: ali, alyssa, amelie, ani difranco, anklets, b & n, bandaids, bands, basses, best buy, big speakers, black furniture, books, bowling, boys, braclets, bright eyes, calanders, candles, coffee, coffee ice cream, coffee zone, colored pencils, comedy shows, cool aid, cool hair, cool quilts, crystal lite, crystals, dan, dancing, dark walls, death cab for cutie, demoligion, denise, diamonds, donnie darko, drinking, drums, edgar allen poe, emo, emo boys, fahtt chester, french kiss, friends, gasp!, guitars, hamburgers, harry potter, hastings, hot hot heat, ice cream, iming, indie, insense, keyboards, laughing, lava lamps, le shok, le tigre, les savy fav, leslie, lily, lucky charms, making people make faces, mariana, mocha, modest mouse, more music, moulin rouge, mountains, movies, music, nail polish, necklaces, oi oi, orange soda, ow ow, passing notes, phantom planet, photo albums, photography, pictures, pizza, popcorn, posters, pretty girls make graves, punk, quisa, romantic highschool novels, rootbeer, saves the day, short hair, shows, ska, sleater kinny, sleeping, swimming, talking, tbirds, the blood brothers, the pasta bar, the postal service, the weakerthans, tiger army, trenton point, tsunami bomb, watching people, wearing sunglasses at night, yeah yeah yeahs, yoink
Friends:10: 80spunkmasta, dan2187, embem, jobturkey, kendrasgood, lilywagon, lulu422, marinara, sparkle14, stuckinthe80s
Friend of:18: 80spunkmasta, ceilingazer, dan2187, dontcryasibleed, embem, gaurdianoftime, jobturkey, kendrasgood, lilywagon, lulu422, madness606, marinara, mexsnugglebunny, prep684, serpentine_kiss, sparkle14, stuckinthe80s, whyevnask69
Account type:Free User

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