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User:em0tionless__ (150187)
Name:x c M x
ICQ UIN: 162852000 (Add User, Send Message)
-- 15.feM--

What i l0ve--
--i <33punk N skater N freak boy§--
Music Specialy Punk and Rock and Heavy Metal.. Even tho i do like almost every time of music ever made. yah knoe like Rap,Country(when you live in a town like i do yah gotta like it),R&b yah knoe Jus bout anything Cept Pop. humMm i l0ve Mah frenz we totally diffrent and i mean that but i still love eM to death they tha damn best! i l0ve Guys 0h course a few a lil more than others tho. the color black and blue, Made Clothes, East Coast Clothes, Black Clothes, Tattoos, Pericings, PUNKS, and pot.

thiNgs i Hate--
Racism,Preps well most of em anYwaY, Sluts, Posers,Stuck up ppl, (well looks like i hate alotta ppl), i hate suM gUys. Annoying ppl, Avril! thats all i can think of right now.

Other Stuff--
Im obsessed with GoodCharlotte.And Benji Madden.Im the type of gurl that guys are always frenz with not the type they really wanna date. which i wouldnt blame them cause well i dress in sum baggy clothes and dress well like them haha.But i have always had alot more good guy frens than gurls.I duno Why either but i <33 all Mah GuyS and GurLs*. I wont tell a guy i love them like alotta girls would after like 2 days thats jus retarted.Ive only loved One Guy.And iM fiNe with that. Im stupid, I think that black and blue are the best colors in the world! so dont tell me otherwise.And well im pretty much a lozer lil dorky kid!!

Anything Else? ComMent Me or Jus Email Me!?


Interests:17: anti-avril, benji madden, billy martin, black, goodcharlotte, joel madden, linkin park, paul, punk, rancid, rock, sean paul, simple plan, spikes, sum 41, the donnas, tool
Friends:8: epsilon_zero, erikanicole, independent658, queenbeejr, strait_trippin, xsweet_babiix, _jiggawhat, _just_me_
Friend of:2: epsilon_zero, independent658
Account type:Early Adopter

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